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Dan Markel Murder Update: Cops Seek "Vehicle of Interest"; Ex-Wife's Dopey Lawyer Makes Her Sound Suspicious


The Markels and their first son, nicknamed “Cubby,” on the day of his bris (circumcision), August 6, 2009
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Aside from one spam hit, the Daily News only permitted one comment:

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8 hours ago
The issue is not who did it as that's obvious, the issue is finding the evidence to connect that person to the crime

Cops hunt mystery killer of renowned FSU law professor Dan Markel as car of interest identified
Dan Markel, 41, a Harvard-educated father of two young boys, likely knew his killer when he was shot in the head Friday morning at his Tallahassee, Fla. home, cops said. What appears to be a Toyota Prius was seen in the Betton Hills neighborhood and is of interest to police.
By Sasha Goldstein
Thursday, July 24, 2014, 8:09 P.M.
New York Daily News

The Toronto native was well-regarded for his academic work.

A Harvard-educated, widely published criminal law professor likely knew his killer after cops found no forced entry at the 41-year-old’s Tallahassee home — where Dan Markel was found bleeding from a fatal close-range gunshot wound to the head Friday morning.

Cops on Wednesday released a grainy surveillance video still of a car of interest — what appears to be a light-colored Toyota Prius — that was seen in the area of Markel’s Betton Hills home around the time of his 11 a.m. murder.

“In this day and age, many of our citizens use cameras for home and personal protection. Our hope is one of those cameras could provide us with a piece of vital information to bring this terrible tragedy to a close for all of those involved,” Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo said in statement.


City of Tallahassee Police Department This car, which appears to be a Toyota Prius, was caught on camera in the area of the murder on Friday and is of interest to police. (A car as suspect? No, the person driving it at the time is the suspect.)

The Florida State University professor, a Toronto native who graduated from Harvard Law School in 2001, was the intended target in the senseless [sic] crime, which showed no evidence of burglary or robbery, cops said.

The father of two boys, ages 3 and 5, was divorced a year ago from Wendi Adelson, a 35-year-old fellow FSU professor and mother of the children.

The two had a court squabble over the boys’ custody, and police interviewed the woman, who has been cooperating with investigators.


Anonymous said...

There's been a lot of Orwellian Doublespeak on this one. "Not a random act of violence" and "He was the intended target."

David In TN

Nicholas said...

The cops sound more like politicians every day.

Anonymous said...

To the person who commented "doesn't her lawyer know how suspicious he is making his client look"? If you were familiar with the Tallahassee area (at that time) and what was reported as going on you would see that ....NO ....there was VERY GOOD reason for her to be THAT afraid for her children AND self. But, the newspapers (and or police) aren't commenting on that.

Many are not aware of the SUDDEN and continuous crime that had hit that area. News papers and TPD failed to REPORT on these events. Some neighbors were aware; were scared to death but, nothing had been reported. That's unfortunate. Just maybe Dan Markel would be alive if only the town; not the neighborhood, had been more informed.

Wendi is not the only lawyer in that neighborhood to suddenly loose a loved one (even if an ex) under suspicious circumstances. (With similar circumstances as far as those close to the victim and family can tell.)

For what ever reason there had/has been a sudden surge of UNSOLVED homicides in Tallahassee at this time. All (at least 4-5 ...almost a 6th or 7th) involved
fairly recent break-ups. (Murder for hire is unheard of in Tallahassee btw ...murder in general is just unheard of. With the exception of *FRENCH TOWN ...where the first 3 unsolved homicides occurred. AND, where Wendi and Dan traveled daily M-F to drop their kids off at day care.) (Stix ...(*) that's for you to ponder.)

Thus, far they have failed to PROVE any of the ex;s were (directly or indirectly) involved. ***Possible none were.*** (Absolutely NO evidence as far as the newspapers can determine - report.) Even a medical Doctor is sitting in jail ...for over 2 years .... on murder charges of his wife; on again-off again relationship. Even when neighbors have/had reported seeing his wife ALIVE - out walking in the street (AND a strange/unfamiliar car in the neighborhood)just prior to her alleged murder. The husband had been gone for hours ...driven to their beach home early that morning. Time of death excludes him from being (directly) involved. Every one has PRESUMED "murder for hire" or worse that the coroner must be "off" on his time of death. Really? And, rumors of evidence tampering after arrest inside the home by police or unknown.

Police are often of the opinion that "break ins" are normal after sudden deaths. Hmmmm ....yes, I can see how they might be of that opinion.

It's not yet clear if Wendi is involved in any way or not. (It hasn't been suggested by those that matter.) But, honestly there have been a GROSS amount of suspicious unsolved/unresolved homicides and or suspected "murder for hire" homicides in a short period of time in a sleepy little town that is in general unfamiliar with murder as a whole. No one does that here.

With the few exceptions of French Town that is. Which by the way had ALSO been on the rise just prior/during these "other" homicides (and or suspicious death). Very possible one death/homicide wasn't even properly declared a homicide. The family and those close to the victim/deceased are not yet convinced of "natural causes".

And, if "gangs" or druggies are allegedly responsible for all of these murder for hires then let's find out. Because if they aren't always "hired" are they eliminating witnesses. Members of the community can NOT be dispensable just because the authorities are working on a 5-10 year long undercover drug investigation.

And, the communities need to speak up ...stop whispering ... about "bad" cops. Performance? Police brutality? Or, do they suspect something more sinister?

Anxiously, awaiting the outcome of this "case" as well. Perhaps the citizens (and police) just got their wake up call. Killing this witness (or husband) - how ever it turns out was not the right move. One too many he is.

R.I.P. Dan Markel