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Breaking News: Was Dan Markel Trayvoned? Neighbors Frustrated over TPD Stonewalling; Murdered, White FSU Law Prof’s Tallahassee Neighborhood Had for 3-4 Weeks been Hit by Massive Doses of Diversity Crime, Just Like George Zimmerman’s, in Run-Up to Martin’s Failed Murder Attempt


The Markels and their first son, nicknamed “Cubby,” on the day of his bris (circumcision), August 6, 2009

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“Tallahassee: White FSU Law Professor, Dan Markel, Shot and Killed; WTXL Provides No Information on Murder, and No Reader Comments, but Lots of Rules for Comments”; and

“Dan Markel 1972-2014: White FSU Law Prof was Murdered in Home Invasion; Media: Tallahassee PD Refused to Give Any Info; Everything Came from Blog, Via Vic’s Friend (Update)”.]

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I found the following article, hot off the presses, while looking for confirmation of two reader comments by a person or persons feigning expert knowledge, asserting that Dan Markel and his wife, Wendi Adelson, had divorced. Those comments were incorrect. The first time I searched under Markel’s name, the autocomplete added, “divorce,” but all that meant was that his name frequently showed up on a page that also contained the “d”-word. The Markels had not divorced, but were in the process of divorcing, which is a big difference. [The Boss and I are in “the process of divorcing” a couple of times a year! However, I suppose things are different when you marry a dentist’s daughter!]

Another reader was peeved, because I hadn’t mentioned that Dan Markel was a Jew. I knew very well that he was a Jew, and had already copied a photograph of father, mother, and their first newborn son, on the day of the latter’s bris, but chose to hold that pic back for a later item. However, the issue of the vic’s religion was irrelevant.

People are bound to attack me for connecting this to the Trayvon Martin’s failed murder attempt on George Zimmerman, but unlike the issue of the vic’s religion, this is hugely relevant. I’m not going to explain why that is, because if it isn’t obvious to you, you’re a lost cause and nothing will make it clear to you.

Since Markel’s killer (or killers) is still at large, the TPD’s stonewalling puts the entire community at risk. What that neighborhood needs, more than anything, is a neighborhood watch commander!

Because Markel was a law professor (and his widow a lefty), and law faculties and students are either pc with a vengeance, or terrified into silence by those that are, and by the drive-by, Gawker-style, pc blog, Above the Law, all you’ll hear about this crime from them is about the curse of “gun violence,” and need to disarm law-abiding whites.

There is one, non-diverse possible cause of Dan Markel’s death, but I’m not going to even speculate on that.

Dan Markel's death, lack of information, frustrate neighbors
Questions remain in death of prominent FSU professor Dan Markel
Sean Rossman
9:32 p.m. EDT, July 20, 2014
Tallahassee Democrat

Dan Markel's neighbor on Trescott Drive heard a "loud bang" Friday morning. Minutes later, Markel, 41, would be rushed to the hospital, and in the early hours of Saturday, the prominent legal scholar was dead.

That's about all the shocked residents of the quiet Betton Hills neighborhood know two days after the shooting death of the well-known professor at the Florida State University College of Law. The Tallahassee Police Department has released little information on the circumstances surrounding his death and haven't identified any suspects, according to Tenitris McInnis, TPD spokeswoman. Just before midnight Saturday TPD acknowledged Markel died, hours after media reported it and the FSU College of Law sent an email to students and faculty.

About 11 a.m Friday, police were called to Markel's home in the 2100 block of Trescott Drive, responding to a "shooting incident," McInnis said. There they found Markel with a gunshot wound. McInnis said Saturday TPD's Violent Crimes Unit is working the case as a homicide after calling it an "unattended incident" Friday. Typically, TPD begins working all deaths without witnesses as if they are a homicide until evidence proves otherwise. TPD did not respond to Democrat inquiries on Sunday.

Tallahassee Police, as a matter of policy, release little information about active and ongoing investigations. State law gives law enforcement wide discretion in how much information it releases on active cases and TPD typically sticks to minimum requirements of naming victims, addresses and the crime being investigated.

FSU law professor dies in shooting

A shortage of details, however, has not diminished speculation of the criminal law professor's death. Neighbors frustrated about a lack of information have taken to social media to speculate and share concerns. Many say they just want to know whether they should be worried

"The rumors are all over the map and the whole neighborhood is frustrated," said Markel's neighbor, Tallahassee attorney Reggie Garcia. "There's just radio silence from law enforcement, which could be strategic or it could be they don't know anything."

Garcia said investigators were still in front of the house Saturday morning. On Sunday, the street was quiet. Markel's home is about a half mile north of Betton Road. A Spanish Oak tree bends over the driveway. No curtains hang in a large window facing the street and a garbage can is pushed up next to the mailbox. On a table next to the front door there is children's sidewalk chalk, a tennis ball, a pumpkin and a pair of sunglasses.

Garcia, an expert on clemency and parole cases, spoke to one of Markel's classes in February. Markel, who has two young sons aged 3 and 5, was a "fun, laid back guy," he said.

"The whole thing's got everyone shocked," Garcia said.

The Betton Hills Neighborhood Facebook page has been busy with activity since Friday. Many expressed frustration with TPD, saying they haven't been getting the answers they need.

"We don't want to compromise the investigation," said Lee Avirett, who has lived in the Betton Hills neighborhood for 35 years. "Do we need to be more on our guard than normal? We just need a little information."

Garcia says in the past three to four weeks there have been multiple burglaries in Betton Hills. His own house was burglarized in 2009. Avirett said his area of Lee Avenue has seen a string of break-ins and home burglaries as well, with groups of two or three people wandering around neighborhoods attempting to break into cars and homes.

TPD and the Leon County Sheriff's Office worked hundreds of "car hopping" burglaries in several northeast Tallahassee neighborhoods earlier this year. Car hopping often involves groups of people wandering through neighborhoods like Killearn Estates, Eastgate and Hillsgate Court pulling on car door handles in order to either steal the car or take what's inside. TPD and LCSO made numerous arrests in these cases.

But Markel's death brings with it a heightened degree of concern.

Dan Markel's house at 2116 Trescott Drive where he was fatally shot Friday morning.(Photo: Sean Rossman/Democrat)

"There's a question of public safety first. Is there still a threat out there?" Garcia asked. "To go from burglaries to an apparent murder in the middle of a Friday, that's a big jump, in supposedly a good neighborhood."

John Calhoun and his family slowed their SUV as they drove by the home Sunday.

"There's a lot of rumors," he said. "The lack of information has been sort of frustrating. Was it a burglary? Was it a home invasion? Was it something more sinister than that?" Calhoun asked.

Tributes to Markel continued Sunday with posts in the Washington Post and various legal blogs from people who considered Markel a mentor and friend. His own blog, prawfsblawg, paid tribute to him as well.

Markel, who earned his bachelor's and law degree from Harvard University, was married to Wendi Adelson, also a Florida State faculty member. The two were in the middle of divorce proceedings at the time of Markel's death, according to the Leon County Clerk of Court. The most recent court date was July 1.

Adelson, 35, is the director of the Medical-Legal Partnership with the FSU College of Law Public Interest Law Center. She previously directed the Human Rights and Immigration Law Project at FSU's Center for the Advancement of Human Rights. She, like Markel, earned a master's degree from the University of Cambridge, before getting her law degree at the University of Miami School of Law in 2006.


Anonymous said...

what an idiot. the wife did it.

Anonymous said...

Given that the police are giving nothing out, it means they have a suspect and most likely it is not a stranger killing, if you get my drift. This is not to say that it is not possible it is one of Obama's sons involved, but I will think that po-po have someone in mind and it is close to the victim, hint, hint, wink, wink.

Camilla Highwater said...

"The Markels had not divorced, but were in the process of divorcing, which is a big difference."

Wrong. Final judgment of dissolution entered July 31, 2013.

You can look it up.

Anonymous said...

Could his political/legal views and influences had something to do with this? I read nothing was taken, it seems as if he was targeted...

Anonymous said...

Muslim students did it. This is the beginning of the War in America.

Anonymous said...

This crime is very similar in comparison to other crimes in the near by Tallahassee area. Trayvon'ed is not a bad theory. Similar MO ...similar situations ...similar professions ...similar legal/political views ...crime scene similar. Yes, the divorce WAS final. FINANCES can be and are often settled AFTER a divorce is finalized. She wanted (needed) MORE money. ***Thus, the ex having him killed would be counter productive.*** She is not a likely lead suspect. ALTHOUGH HER LIFE COULD BE IN DANGER. (The spouse should be ruled out as is customary ...AFTER the car and or shooter are ID'd ...BUT I would NOT jump to make her a top suspect. Otherwise, this case may surely go several others.) Keep an open mind. Victims ARE being "targeted"...and not always about simple burglary.

Nicholas said...

"Victims ARE being 'targeted'...and not always about simple burglary."

Targeted on what basis?

Anonymous said...

Nicholas as Not to compromise this case (and others) AND because I don't know who YOU are ...I can not say (here). As police release more information ...we will see. Here's (another) helpful hint ...because the divorce IS final, the next of kin are aged 3 and 5 (and the parents live in Canada) ...who has the authority to change out the locks (in case any keys were stolen during the original crime)?!?! The sons will be the benificiary. Wendi and her attorney need to act on the children's behalf and CHANGE OUT all locks.

Anonymous said...

I, like these criminal law professors, am a law writer and commentator also, but in the United Kingdom. From my old and experienced bones, I felt, and said to my lawyer husband, that I feel that this is a contract killing but not paid for or even known about by his acrimonious divorced ex-wife, but by people near to her who could not stand her distress after this couple divorced. I said to my husband that perhaps ex-wife realized that the deceased fell in love when he went on his scholarship period at New York University, and she snooped and discovered the matter and took some money, left him, took the children and started divorce proceedings. I said to my husband that perhaps he fooled her into thinking nothing was afoot so that he could get the marital property on the pretext of it being necessary for when the boys came to stay- perhaps she realized that he was planning to sell up as soon as matters were settled and move to another state....but then again, I am only an old fool- with lots of experience of clever people's
I hope that I am very wrong. I really hope that the FBI solves this case of a brutal murder not wished on my worse enemy...

Anonymous said...

There are several very valid reasons why the wife would of moved out including but, not limited to your thoughts. Her ex husband was a blogger. He had been threatened several times by another blogger in regards to his philosophy. Even Dan mentioned the safety of his family. Someone in 2010 blogged about him having a desire to leave FSU for NYU for a "better" school for prestige (spelled "preeeeztige"). They called him the douchebag of all douchebags and asked him what his students (at FSU) would think about that. It seemed centered on the graduating class of 2010. Wendi was also PREGNANT. [Could someone have been jealous or upset about THAT.] Dan seems to be quite the ladies man but, could be the friendly - sociable type. He knocks on doors in his own neighborhood of married women asking them (and kids) to join him (and kids) at the park or local pool. This also happened just prior to his death. He also took a female friend out to dinner for her birthday.**In 2011 Dan accepts a teaching position at NYU? He moves from FL to NY leaving behind his wife, a 2 year old AND a new born child. (And she is also WORKING.) So, why might she up and leave (regardless if another woman is involved or not)? Their neighborhood had experienced a string of burglaries (they may or may not have known this.) Police are not as forth coming with information even if the victim's safety is an issue. But, what they did know was THAT their own house had been burglarized AND Dan had received threats on the Internet about going to NYU ...AND Dan was at NYU!!! Secondly, although the Day Care they chose has GREAT reviews it is located in one of the MOST DANGEROUS parts of Tallahassee. (When I learned of where their children attended school I about fell over? Dear God. WHY?!?!) Could someone have known about Dan's political/legal/philosophical views from that area?! [After the shooting police "went to the school to check on the children".] **Similar crimes have been committed within minutes of their kid's Day Care. Violent Crimes have been on the rise. Mostly in the area where his kid's attended Day Care. Honestly, it had gotten so bad that one would have guessed Betton Hills was the ONLY save place to live in Tallahassee,.inside the city limits, And, had the news or newspapers been more forth coming perhaps citizens would have KNOWN to report ANY suspicious activity ...even activity seen near Betton Hills ...Betton Road ....Winthrop Park (across the street from Dan's street). Trying to recall the make-model-color of a car seen parked at Winthrop Park (w/out kids inside or at the park). I remember it was new, DEFINANTLY light in color (white, silver and sea glass pearl are all possible), the driver rolled down his window when I pulled up and smiled ....showing a gold tooth or teeth. I retrieved the item that had fallen on the passenger side (baby bottle or cell phone ...something urgent that couldn't wait) - shut the door - said "Hello or Good morning" as I proceeded back to the driver's side. The driver looked me in the eyes, turned his head and immediately rolled up his window w/out saying a word. Hmm...maybe he just wasn't having a "good morning" and my nice gesture upset him?! Being in a hurry I blew it off ..while thinking if you're waiting HERE (of all places) to score you're the dumbest criminal ever. You'll probably be in jail by the end of the day if ANYONE sees you do that here!! Also, if you call the police on criminal activity the criminals don't seem to appreciate that. The more TPD responds the more "bothersome" they become.Your house becomes a "target".They will sit in driveways, park in front of house, shine flash lights into windows at 4:00am; amongst other more aggressive activities. No wonder the ex-wife is both distraught AND scared to death. Very, very believable at this point.

Anonymous said...

I doubt he was planning to move to another state as evidenced by him keeping Wendi in Tallahassee, FL when she was much better off in Coral Springs, FL.

Which brings up another interesting point. A female in New York states she (and her boyfriend) had dinner with Dan (and his "new" girl friend). She works in New York AND graduated from NYU. (When?) Someone, perhaps a student or lawyer or father, blogging in 2010 already knew about NYU and was quite angry.

So, if he met this woman while working in 2011 ...there was still someone else who teased or threatened him for basically lying to the graduating classes of 2010 (in 2010).

Another point, the male friend he was staying with in NY states he finally met someone "special"? Who? The same "girlfriend" he met for dinner in NY from NYU? That wouldn't be a very practical "girlfriend". She lives in NY. Dan lives in Florida.

The someone "special" that the male friend refers to may be someone MUCH closer to home least one would think so ....because he wasn't allowing Wendi to move ...if only to Coral Springs.

Wendi & Dan have been apart since 2011 (when the second child was born). Who's been his (real) girlfriend? A local college graduate from 2010? Someone new - "special" - other than a girl in NY?

Wendi is a strong and beautiful and caring person from all outward appearances. Dan is scholarly, average looks and makes attempts to be a "good father". Except for the NYU job and leaving his new born and 2 year old for a year he could have or would have been?

Being a single mother with 2 very young kids and working and possibly trying to keep the possibilities open to moving closer to family ...Wendi might not have had time for dating & romancing (like Dan).

People suggest she knew about "the" or a relationship in NY or perhaps jut found out.

From a legal stand point wouldn't she be thrilled? A very GOOD reason for Dan to finally let Wendi move back to Coral Springs ...when ever she wanted. Or at least make money matters for her a lot "easier".

It doesn't appear she knew about ANY girlfriends. If so, wouldn't that be in a contentious divorce somewhere.

Dan had lots of female friends along the way. Wendi as far as we know was okay with all of them.

Maybe they will soon release who he was talking to on the phone? Even better ...prove he had a "girlfriend" in NY, an NYU graduate. What's her name? Status? Any others who were "special"?