Friday, July 18, 2014

In Marshalltown, Iowa, Racist High School Principal Aiddy Phomvisay Terrorizes White Students


Blair Van Staalduine, war crime victim of Aiddy Phomvisay

Racist Aiddy Phomvisay, gauleiter of Marshalltown High School

By Nicholas Stix

Children must be taught early: If you’re white, you must be punished when you break the rules,” whatever they are this minute, and when you follow them.

Aiddy Phomvisay (e-mail him at, the principal of Marshalltown High School, has just put in a bid to be recognized as America’s most racist “educator.”

Phomvisay assigned juniors to wear white for school spirit week. Football player Blair Van Staalduine, a junior, obliged him, and wore white from head to toe in, and posted the picture of himself clad thusly, and making a “W” sign (for white), on social media. Principal Phomvisay saw the picture of Van Staalduine, denounced him as a racist, and suspended him for three games from the school football team.

When Van Staalduine’s mother, Cathy, visited the principal, she says he called her a “racist” to her face. Mrs. Van Staalduine is now demanding that Phomvisay publicly apologize to her son, to “restore his good name,” reinstate him to the school football team for the three games, or she is threatening to sue the school. He also owes Mrs. Van Staalduine a public apology. (In Singapore, he’d be caned, and a good thing, too.)

I hope Mrs. Van Staalduine sues the school (i.e., the city of Marshalltown), in any event, and forces the firing of Aiddy Phomvisay. It is Aiddy Phomvisay, and not Blair Van Staalduine, who must be made an example of. If Mrs. Van Staalduine’s charges true, Aiddy Phomvisay committed a hate crime against her son.

In the racial socialist world of today’s American schools, the competition for the honor of being the most racist “educator” is fierce. The schools today are run by racist activists who are almost all brain-dead, but who have repeatedly passed the ideological litmus tests which are the only “academics” required by teacher education programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and even doctoral level. To be an educator today, you have to take an IQ and an integrity test. If you fail both, you pass; if you pass both, you fail.

The only “intellectual” requirement is that one prove that one has a genocidal hatred of the white race.

If a racial socialist could catch his breath from screaming “Racist!,” he’d assert that this incident is a matter of only one student. Nonsense! Phomvisay was making an example of Blair Van Staalduine, in order to intimidate all white Marshalltown High students and their families. Keep in mind that, as every high school student knows, the most powerful weapon that vicious, politicized “educators” wield over students is not ideologically-driven suspensions, but political retaliation against students and complaining parents, by dishonestly, unethically lowering children’s grades below what they actually earned. (At the same time, such school cadrists routinely inflate the grades of students from affirmative action groups.)

Look for Aiddy Phomvisay to soon win education awards, not in spite of what just did, but because of it.

Note that, according to the Census Bureau (2010), Marshalltown is 70.3% non-Hispanic white, 24.1% Hispanic, 2.2% black and 1.7% Asian,
but according to Great Schools, Marshalltown High’s student body is only 53% white, 35% Hispanic, 5% Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander and 3% black. Iowa is 88.7 percent non-Hispanic white.

Iowa has a large meatpacking industry that used to be overwhelmingly white. Workers could raise families of the wages they earned, but app. 20 years ago, the packers imported thousands of Third World illegal aliens, drove down wages, and drove out American workers. Now the packers are seeking Moslem “refugees” as well, notwithstanding that the “refugees” cause no end of headaches with their “religious” demands.)

Apparently, Hispanic kids—many of them surely illegal aliens, are driving white kids out of the public school, and Aiddy Phomvisay apparently seeks to drive all whites—who pay for his school—out of it, and eventually out of town

It looks like Marshalltown, Iowa is yet another battleground in the War on America.

The following comments are all of those currently at Phomvisay’s Facebook page, reproduced unexpurgated, and in order.

Top of Form
Jim Tucker PUNK loser racist projecting his black heart onto others.
Yesterday at 1:40pm • 2

Mardi Hodges Well, he's an embarrassment.
Yesterday at 4:51pm • 3

Rich Algeni
22 hrs
Rich Algeni It's amazing how idiots like this end up as school principals.
22 hrs • 3

Art Sarlin Get rid of this goof! and since when is it a bad thing to promote "white pride"? all over the country i see folks openly promoting "black pride", "gay pride" , "hispanic pride" etc.... get over it people!!
21 hrs • 3

Korey Cocking A Principal who sets his students up for failure by assigning a color and then punishing those wearing that color... He should not be in charge of any of our impressionable youth, and he would not be in charge of rearing my children. He should not only be asked to resign from his position but lose his education license. It's amazing how only the truly racist people are allowed to share their racist views, and those racist views can only be expressed against white people. Shame on him, and shame on the school board if they don't do something to stop this ridiculous bias and white-hate promotion.
21 hrs • 5

Cecil Trotter Apologize to Blair Van Staalduine!
20 hrs • 2

Michael Mena Aiddy Phomvisay sees racism where there is none. I wonder who taught you this in your home?
20 hrs • Edited • 2

John S. Stephano This jerk is the problem with racism. He must see color when he looks at a person. Instead of seeing the person for who they are. He should resign his position. What a disgrace.
10 hrs • 3

Luke Felson Lift that suspension you little punk! If you want to see real "white power", you're going down the right road!!
9 hrs

Steve Neufeld We had problems when he was an assistant principal at Valley HS in West Des Moines. He does not care about the kids at all. MHS, get rid of him before he hurts someone.
4 hrs • 1

Art Douglas This is clearly a racist issue, because the principal said so. It's not the student in white flashing the W or three, it's the administration's interpretation of those two facts that constitute racism. The student wore white - not racist. He flashed three fingers, not racist, he flashed three fingers while wearing white, not racist. But an administrator, wandering around campus looking to bust somebody's chops for being racist construed these two things as racist, and POW, racism. It's the administrator who is racist, not the student. It is the administrator who must be removed, not the student. It is the administration who should apologize and compensate the student, and lose their job for a hate crime of projecting their own racism on another and causing the student-victim to lose time, and esteem by accusing them of the administrator's own crime that must be punished for justice to prevail.
3 hrs • 1

Principal Calls Student Racist Because He Wore White, Made ‘W’ Sign During SCHOOL SPIRIT WEEK
By Eric Owens
8:41 AM 07/17/2014
The Daily Caller

A star high school athlete in rural Marshalltown, Iowa has been suspended for three football games this fall because he posted a social media image of himself enthusiastically festooned from head to toe in white clothing during school spirit week. In the photo, he made the letter “W” with his hands — which in this case stands for white.

The student is Blair Van Staalduine, reports Des Moines NBC affiliate WHO-TV.

The student’s parents say the the principal of Marshalltown High School called Van Staalduine a racist after concluding that his hand signal was a white pride symbol.

The parents have now responded to the suspension and the charge that their son is a racist by threatening to sue.

“We were appalled,” his mother, Cathy Van Staalduine, told WHO-TV. “We were appalled and so was he. Absolutely. Because the furthest thing from Blair is being racist.” (RELATED: The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet Of Racism: The Letter ‘B’)

The school colors at Marshalltown High appear to be red, white and blue. Van Staalduine wore white because school officials had asked members of his class to wear white during school spirit week festivities.

“The actual school chose the colors that each grade would be wearing,” Cathy Van Staalduine explained. “Juniors wore white. So Blair, of course, being active in the school, dressed from head to toe in white.”

She noted emphatically that the “W” sign was for the color her son was assigned.

“Blair says if they were wearing orange, they would have done an ‘O,’” she said.

The mad mother said she talked to the principal, and he managed to call her a racist to her face.

The Marshalltown High School principal is Aiddy Phomvisay, according to the Marshalltown Senior High School website.

The Van Staalduine family is now demanding that the principal quash the suspension and issue a public apology. Otherwise, they say, they will file a lawsuit to protect their son’s good name.

As for the actual image showing her son making a “W” sign, Cathy Van Staalduine said she is holding it close to the vest in the event that this incident actually ends up in court.

School district officials did not respond to a WHO-TV reporter’s request for comment, citing student confidentiality.

Census figures from 2010 show that the quintessential small-town Iowa hamlet of Marshalltown has a population that is almost 85 percent white and less than three percent black.

A cursory Google search for “white pride hand sign” and the like shows many fists, some Hitler salutes, some Los Angeles gang signs and a lot of sad losers — but nothing that much resembles a “W.” So it’s unclear what the hand gesture could have looked like.

According to, Blair Van Staalduine is a tight end and a linebacker for the Marshalltown High Bobcats football team. Last year, the team didn’t fare very well, finishing the season just 1-8.

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Anonymous said...

First of all quickly these job stealing ingrates forget where they came from. They should talk about accusing people of being racist. Asians are some of the most racist people on the planet.

Kathe Gogolewski said...

Sensational stories such as this one tend to leave out all the facts, especially if the "facts" are exclusive to one party. I would like to hear from the other side for a balanced picture. As a retired educator, my experience tells me that principals are far more sensitive to issues such as race than is being portrayed here. It is highly unlikely, for example, that this principal called the mother of this boy a racist, as she claims. Principals don't use language like that in a conference with a parent, so a red flag goes up for me. I also wonder about any background information that would influence assessment of this case. What are the general attitudes among the kids of different races in this school? What else might this principal be responding to when he suspended the boy?

Anonymous said...

Not only is Aiddy Phomvisay a racist, but he is also currently being investigated for having child pornography on his laptop. He is an embarrassment to our community and he needs to step down immediately.

MD said...

Yeah, I'm from Iowa. I also dated a Polynesian Iowan woman. This Principal is up for some award, and has therefore gotten a similar ego power-trip complex similar to that of our Prez. He believes that he now has the right to dictate and foist his own prejudices, experiences and preconceptions onto his students. The teacher's union in Iowa is out of control. I grew up with some of THE MOST ignorant prejudiced teachers I had ever met... AND I'M WHITE. Yet their own self-importance complexes kept them from ever actually accomplishing their actual jobs of equipping their students with skills and intellect and knowledge so that they could succeed. I also found his twitter page at I highly recommend that those who value true education (see Hillsdale College) let him know that they don't appreciate his politically correct dogmatic diatribe. I firmly believe we must take back the minds of our children before they're turned into koolaid-drinking super-soldiers for the politically correct.

MD said...

This would be part of why he thinks he's so great:

And you can see his ultimate self-satisfying agenda through his media on his twitter page at

Yeah, I'd say this guy definitely doesn't have his student's best interests at heart. He's pretty great at self-promotion and drinking the koolaid though.

Anonymous said...

I attended MHS and know Blair and Mr. Phomvisay. What people don't realize is that the "W" sign had been made by Blair and the swim team in season while they chanted "White Power!". Blair and his friends would chant this in the locker room or in school. I am a white male and I assure Mr. Phomvisay is not a racist is an honorable man that I admire for motivating a school that was once consistently low achieving. He has done great things for MHS and the community and does not deserve this.
-An anonymous 2014 graduate

Anonymous said...

Bet you have changed your tune MHS Graduate after you found out exactly what an ego-maniacal narcissistic manipulator Phomvisay really was. He burned your family too didn't he!

Anonymous said...

Phomvisay is now persona non gratis at the Des Moines Central Campus where he was un ceremoniously escorted out of the building by security. Karma is a bitch Aiddy! Mid-March 2018. Emergency closed door school board meeting, so called resignation and job posting are all public documents. They are being very tight lipped about the reason, so it must have been border-line criminal.