Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Dr. Steven J. Hatfill Files


This was during a speech Dr. Hatfill gave during August 2002, in which he took the offensive against AG John Ashcroft. The blown-up photograph is of his girlfriend's home, which the FBI had trashed in a "search." The FBI and the media were, in my opinion, trying to drive Hatfill to commit suicide.

By Nicholas Stix

I just looked for my reports on the attempted railroading by the Bush/Ashcroft DOJ and the media of patriot-scientist Dr. Steven J. Hatfill for the five anthrax letter murders in fall of 2002 through my blog, and came up with only one out of at least 12 articles. (I also gave a talk on a panel with Hatfill, his friend and spokesman, Pat Clawson, and anthrax sleuth/conspiracy theorist, Ken Dillon, at an Accuracy in Media conference in October, 2002, but have yet to post it online, and don’t know where the heck it is.) I was able to come up with nine more articles through the one that came up internally, but that leaves two more I have to find.


Dr. Hatfill's two chief public tormentors were U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft (press conference, October 21, 2002), and...

I have had several similar such experiences of late. The internal search function within my blog has become worthless for items posted more than three years ago. I have to go to Google to find stuff on my own blog! And sometimes Google fails, as well, for really old material. You have to periodically re-post blog material, at least at Google's blogs.

Much of this stuff was once linked at Wikipedia, but of course the Wikicensors eventually sent it all down the memory hole.

“Calling Agent Frank Black: Anthrax, the Left’s Dr. Strangelove, and TV’s Millennium;

“Hunting America’s Leading Anthrax Hoaxer: Dr. Strangelove Strikes Again – in Scotland!”;

“Dr. Strangelove Disarms America”;

“The Crucifixion of Dr. Steven J. Hatfill”;

“A High-Tech Lynching: ABC News, the FBI, and the ‘Greendale School’ Myth”;

“FBI Anthrax ‘Person of Interest’ Positively ID’d In Princeton, NJ;

“FBI Terrorizes Hatfill”;

“DOJ Ordered Hatfill Dismissed: Should AG John Ashcroft Be Next?”;

“Scientist with Rhodesian Past Still Center of Media Crosshairs”; and

“The Anthrax Case: Hatfill Tormentor Back in Business.”


Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a tenured, communist activist. The picture on the left, from Hermes Press, is either of the wrong person, or is a good 40 years old, even though they used it during the early 2000s. The picture on the right is from around the time Rosenberg was trying to railroad Dr. Hatfill.

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