Monday, July 28, 2014

Sarah Palin Agrees with Peter Brimelow: We Must Impeach the Dictator Calling Himself “Barack Obama”—Before It’s Too Late!


Never mind Hillary, could she become America's first female President? If she had headed the 2008 ticket, she already would be.


By Nicholas Stix

Clearly, at least one Palin staffer has been consuming VDARE for months.

With ever greater frequency, I’ll read an article on immigration policy at some other Webzine, with another author’s name on it, and think to meself, “Did Peter or one of my VDARE colleagues ghostwriter this?”

Some of you are surely wondering if Gov. Palin is gearing up for a presidential run in 2016. At present, she is certainly the most popular GOP politician by far, and that is because she's showing leadership, she's pretty, and millions of American patriots decided already in 2008, "She's one of us." Personally, I prefer Sen. Jeff Sessions, but I'm learning to like Palin more each day. But if we don't topple the tyrant, there won't be any election.


countenance said...

The one you really have to watch out for rehabilitating his image for outward consumption (but not in honest reality) on immigration and giving himself an image makeover overall, that's going to be a way bigger factor in 2016 than anyone realizes now:

The Rickroller (Rick Perry).

Nicholas said...

I'm sure you're right. Those recent border photo ops weren't for nothing. And if he weren't so intellectually insecure, he could have just sloughed off his big 2012 embarrassment as a mental lapse (can't say "senior moment," at his age), rather than stupidity.