Wednesday, July 30, 2014

“Uhuru” and Philadelphia Hate Crimes

By Nicholas Stix

I thank the reader who sent his report and the associated video. The “Uhuru” movement considers genocidal black supremacist “Barack Obama” and racist Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter “sellouts,” demands “reparations” (here and here), and is organizing to murder whites and policemen of all races, like the Black Panthers and Black Liberation Army of yore, and the Nation of Islam, including its New Black Panther Party division (see also here, run in recent years by Malik Zulu Shabazz/Paris S. Lewis, and since 2013 by violent felon, Hashim Nzinga.

This raises the question: How many of the brutal, racist attacks on whites in recent years in “Killadelphia,” likely numbering in the thousands, have been committed by this group?

By A Longtime Reader

For the past two years there have been regular racially motivated attacks on white pedestrians by black mobs in Philadelphia. These attacks are committed by 100% black mobs against white people and are motivated by racial hatred. The media has been aggressively downplaying the attacks and censoring all mention of race. IF the races were reversed in these attacks they would be MAJOR nationwide media sensations. The media would be screaming “HATE CRIMES” and calling the perpetrators domestic terrorists.

We found this video from last fall of the “Uhuru” [“freedom”; its real meaning is the enslavement and murder of all whites] movement defending the racially motivated attacks. They claim the attackers are “victims” of oppression. Later in the video a woman’s voice describes a violent attack on a white police officer as “fighting back.” At the end, a black man says that blacks are justified in engaging in criminal activity against white people. His speech is spliced together with scenes of a black mobs brutally attacking a white pedestrians on the streets on Philadelphia.

From Flashmobs to Black Power: FREE DIOP OLUGBALA!

Upload by genocidal black supremacist uhurutv.

The REAL flashmob is the DA, police and City Hall!

The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement leads the campaign to free Philadelphia based leader Diop Olugbala while demanding Hands Off African Youth!

Party Congress • July 10-14, Washington DC • One People! One Party! One Destiny!


Anonymous said...

The Black Mafia. Based in Philly.

W.E.B Griffin the author even wrote a book about their activities.

One senior police official said they were the most violent and vicious criminals he had ever encountered.

The same bunch that did the assassination of all the Hanafi Muslims in DC some years ago.

The Black Mafia was just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

And yes, those many whitey murdered over the many years probably those unsolved crimes attributed to a robbery gone bad and such.

Anonymous said...

And Philly is like only one of many American cities. Whitey beware!

Hell, even Des Moines IA. has the problem.

Anonymous said...

No wonder all Black Democrats agree with the Cosmopolitans: The more Gun Control, the less Black criminals killed. And that way, Black racist thugs can rule the streets FOREVER against non-Blacks!

Anonymous said...

One day before the massacre of the Hanafi Muslims Cassius Clay the negro boxer made a special trip tot he Philly mosque and allegedly gave the go ahead for the crime to occur.

The Black Mafia did the biding of the master Elijah Poole [X].

Anonymous said...

832Uhuru is Swahili for FREEDOM. Swahili are the mix of Arab and Congo black. Noted for their slave raids into the interior of Africa and the Arab slave trade.

But they must be right on Muslim brother.