Monday, July 28, 2014

Dictator Obama Had Planned a Waco/Ruby Ridge-Style Bloodbath Against White American Patriots in Murrieta, CA; Border Patrol Agents Averted Massacre, by Threatening Mutiny! (Federale)


The smirking dictator, in late July, 2014

Vicki Weaver, about one hour before FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi murdered her, on August 21, 1992, at Ruby Ridge, and shot her husband, Randy, in the back. Horiuchi killed Mrs. Weaver, while she was holding her 10-month-old infant in her arms. Horiuchi was charged with manslaughter, but a judge threw out the charges.

Waco: Tanks and fire, on February 28, 1993; the feds slaughtered 85 Branch Davidians

By Nicholas Stix



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Thanks for the mention.

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Y'all really are pure white trash aren't you? Americans are truly violent, dirty trashy scum