Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Video: Joe Biden Refers to black Adviser Cedric Richmond as "Boy"

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Mon, Aug 30, 2021 10:27 p.m.

Video: Joe Biden Refers to black Adviser Cedric Richmond as 'Boy'

Joe Biden inexplicably referred to a black adviser, Cedric Richmond, as "boy," the latest of a series of controversial racial statements.


PGCE-P: Well, was old Joltin’ Joe wrong?


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Reading the actual comment I believe Joe meant "boy" in that "oh boy" context, but forgot that he was talking to a negro which means it could easily be taken "in the wrong way", or as is said here, maybe it was the right way.

Anonymous said...

I've watched Richmond on "Face the (Commie)Nation"--not the brightest "boy" around.Biden doesn't even know what he's saying half the time(I may be generous with that estimate).


Anonymous said...


GRA:Because the community voted down the teaching of critical race theory,the hounds at NNN,were sent to confront and stir up trouble in South Lake Texas.

Minority,Antonia Hilton,was the reporter who did the honors by
finding an Indian family and asking them if they felt safe,being in a town that voted overwhelmingly to outlaw CRT in schools.

"We don't feel unsafe,but we are watching closely."

A city meeting was shown with a White female--just about in tears--shouting,"Just because we're against CRT doesn't make me a RAAAAAYCIST!"

Hilton,spoke to the White school board president and asked him if he thought the city was racist.

The camera showed him laughing,then he paused and said,"No."

It was promoted by NNN as part of some podcast series NBC has concocted about--what else--racism.It's basically all they know about on NBC.


Anonymous said...


GRA:Why is he is black supremacist?Read on.

Patrizia Rizzo, SEO Reporter
11:43 ET, Mar 17 2021Updated: 12:04 ET, Mar 17 2021
NICK Cannon said on his podcast in August 2020 that black people were the “true Hebrews” and implied that Jewish people wanted to be like them.

The rapper and show host was fired by Viacom CBS, as they cited him for “hateful speech” and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Nick made these comments in his podcast, which was supposedly recorded last year.

In his podcast, Nick and Richard “Professor Griff” Griffith, the former member of hip-hop group Public Enemy, discussed racial bias.

He and Professor Griff said that black people are the true Hebrews and that Jews have usurped their identity.

Cannon said: “When we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.”

The rapper then discussed skin color and claimed that people without dark skin live in fear.

“And I’m going to say this carefully,” he begins - to allege that people who lack sufficient melanin are “a little less.”

He claimed that Jews were "savages"

Those without dark skin have a “deficiency” that historically forced them to act out of fear and commit acts of violence to survive, he said.

GRA:Is he banned for life like Roseanne Barr and others?No,he gets his own weekday talk show,starting this month--from the ads I just saw today.

Go figure--and when you do--explain it to me.


Anonymous said...

No such thing as a boy in the negro community. Either a young adult or a young man.