Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dutch Protest as Government Dumps 800 Afghan "Refugees" in Small Village

By R.C.
Wed, Aug 25, 2021 3:04 p.m.

Dutch Protest as Government Dumps 800 Afghan "Refugees" in Small Village

R.C.: This has been planned by the globalists.

Invade other countries.

And then destroy other countries with the subsequent invasion of “refugees” and asylum seekers.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Insert Afghan "men" for "Refugees" to be more accurate. I noticed the articles on the invasion love to point out that the Dutch protesters are mostly "young men", but they never say the "refugees" are almost all "young men". Perfectly understandable that the young men of a village of only a few thousand might object to 700 or so young men being dumped into their town. I scouted around a little online and believe it or not, found an article from the Washington Post addressing the "gender imbalance" of the alien invaders:
However, I didn't read the article, they want you to subscribe before you can read and I'm not willing to do that. Judging from the headline, it's just the usual Woke propaganda claiming things like the men are forging on ahead and sending for the women later yada yada... Maybe in some cases but most of the time not true. Of course when they claim that, they conveniently forget these men are all saying they are escaping torture or instant death which means the females left behind must be suffering those fates.

Reality is, in the case of Muslim and African countries, you are dealing with cultures that practice polygamy, child bride marriage, female infanticide, abortion of female fetuses and other horrors like female genital mutilation (designed to control females) and honor killings targeting primarily young women. These practices are designed to keep tight control over young females in the reproductive age group and funnel them to older men, they create skewed gender ratios of too many men without wives or families, and these men want to emigrate to the West to have access to the White women they see on the internet and in movies and TV.

It's hard to find info online on this subject but there are things here and there if you look. Here is an interesting one:

Excerpt from the article:

"Hudson discusses the example of Sweden, where 71 percent of all migrants who arrived in 2015 are male. Besides, 21 percent of all last year’s migrants are unaccompanied minors among which more than 90 percent is, again, male. This leads to imbalances in numbers of males and females in certain age cohorts. Hudson figures that for every 100 16- and 17-year-old girls in Sweden there are now 123 boys of the same age".

Note: When they say 71%, they are not accounting for most of the women being middle aged or older, if they isolated to the under 40 category, it would be 90-95% men.

The article is from 2016, now with 4 more years of these migrants pouring in, I would imagine Sweden is skewed even further in favor of males. I'm sure lots of Swedish women and all gay guys love it, but straight guys, I'm not so sure.

I've sent this article before, but it's always relevant:

Anonymous said...

The way the USA is flushing down the toilet,I think that I have become a refugee in my own country!!!What's happening is,I'm actually being sent overseas,while not moving an inch from my house.

The US is being transformed,little by little,into the countries of Mexico,El Salvador,Cuba,Dom Republic,Syria--and now Afghanistan.

To visit any of these places,don't book a flight--just sit in your house for ten years and the government will bring them right to your door.