Thursday, August 26, 2021

Delusional, black supremacist capitol police lieutenant Mike Byrd is the Face of affirmative action policing: He Fantasizes that He’s Audie Murphy, Made Self-Incriminating Statements, and Ridiculously Claims to nbc news black supremacist Lester Holt that He “Saved Countless Lives” from his UNARMED, Non-Threatening,Petite Victim, Ashli Babbitt – Video

By David in TN
Thu, Aug 26, 2021 10:39 p.m.

David in TN: In July, The Gateway Pundit confirmed that lt. Mike Byrd was Ashli Babbitt’s killer. lt. Byrd killed Ashli Babbitt in cold blood on Jan. 6 in the US Capitol.

Byrd gunned down Babbitt, a US military veteran, without warning inside the Capitol on January 6th. She was unarmed and posed no threat to the police or…

The foregoing is from Gateway Pundit. Note the quote from Byrd: “I acted with the utmost courage.”

Byrd also stated, “I didn’t care if she was armed or not.”

That was a self-incriminating statement.

Note Ashli Babbitt was not only armed, she was petite (5’2”), was not acting in a threatening manner, and none of the non-black policemen standing just behind her considered her a threat.

The self-aggrandizement and exaggeration of non-existent threats is the black way of thinking.

We’ve heard or read real, White heroes interviewed a thousand times, without any of them praising their own heroism. Audie Murphy was America’s greatest war hero of the past 100 years, yet he was as humble as could be. He climbed onto the front of a German tank, and killed 200 German soldiers, yet there is no record of him saying, “I acted with the utmost courage.”

Holt and Byrd both agreed that he is the “victim” of this story.

Byrd also asserts that he’s received “death threats,” but black supremacists always say that. A death threat entails someone saying, “I’m going to kill you.”

The “threats” black supremacists speak of are either non-existent, or cases of someone wishing death on them, say, “I hope someone kills you.” blacks are always threatening to slaughter Whites, but Whites very rarely threaten blacks. However, White authorities pander to blacks who make such claims.

Tucker Carlson covered this story on his fox news show at 8 p.m. ET, 45 minutes into the hour. It will be re-run at 1 a.m., i.e., 1:45 a.m.


Anonymous said...

I watched it and the first thing Holt did,was to make it about "racist threats" against Byrd.

Immediately,it becomes a Whitey vs blackie issue--the facts be damned--and in this current pro-black atmosphere,one must think that it'd be SHOCKING to hear investigators determine a black shot a White negligently-- just for optics alone--in the same way George Floyd was not held responsible for his own drug induced death,while fighting against a White cop(and three others).

If blacks play the race card,they are now free to commit crimes against Whites without fear of repercussions.


Anonymous said...

I am sure too that Lester Holt is just the most unbiased person to do such an interview. Sure he is. Lots of all questions and all that stuff. Sure.