Monday, August 30, 2021

The Third World Mentality: Whites Must Always Pay for Non-Whites’ Screw-Ups

By Nicholas Stix

By Almost Missouri, at Steve Sailer’s blog
August 30, 2021 at 9:34 am GMT
@Jack Armstrong

“If somebody is clinging onto the plane, does the pilot have the right to fly? Is this lawful?” Payanda said Tuesday. “It was like killing a mosquito that you do not even consider human.”

Almost Missouri: C-17s don’t have rearview mirrors. Unless ground control (assuming there was any and assuming they knew) told the pilots, they probably didn’t know they had clingers. And even if they had been told after reaching “V1” (point of no return speed), there was nothing they could do about it.

A.M.: In the article, the same man (inconsistently referred to by his other name) questioning the lawfulness of takeoff with clingers, does indeed simultaneously posit the existence of a clinger’s veto:

“Mohammad has a different view. His son must have known the danger, he says, but believed the aircraft would never take off in that situation and that he would then have had a chance to negotiate a passage to the United States.”

A.M.: So, apparently Afghans believe they have a right to block your travel in order to force you to accept them as passengers, which I think in other countries is called “hijacking.”

@Almost Missouri

It’s not just Afghans. It seems to be a Third World mentality. Whites must always pay for non-Whites’ screw-ups.

Twenty years ago, a moslem immigrant from Bangladesh took his three nieces to the beach in the Rockaways. Clearly posted signs said that there was no lifeguard on-duty, and it was therefore illegal to go in the water.

Of course, he let the girls go in the water, and they all drowned.

At first, he blamed himself, but he changed his mind.

He should have been arrested and prosecuted for negligent homicide. Instead, the city did nothing, and he initiated a shakedown lawsuit, which the city settled for over $1 million.

Around that time, a youngish hispanic drove around (Manhattan?) with his windows closed tight, and music blasting so loud that he couldn’t hear anything outside. He blew through an intersection that he was supposed to stay out of, and was smashed to kingdom come by a fire truck rushing to put out a fire.

Instead of being apologetic, his middle-aged (Puerto Rican?) father complained that the firemen were wrong to rush to the fire, and should have instead stopped at every light, in order to better serve morons like his son, while letting people perish unnecessarily in the blaze.

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Anonymous said...

Correct. The pilots of the plane just did not know the guy was hanging on. Nor could they have done a thing after they began the take-off. Too bad mister.