Saturday, August 28, 2021

"marine" Nicole Gee Identified as One of the US service members Killed in Kabul

By R.C.
Sat, Aug 28, 2021 8:58 p.m.

"marine" Nicole Gee Identified as One of the US service members Killed in Kabul

R.C.: These fu--ers are not allowed to defend our borders, but they are allowed to baby sit?

The West is doomed.

The Chicoms think we are crazy.

And we are.




Why didn't she join the Peace Corps instead?

Now all of these parasites from Afghanistan are going to come here and become rape refugees.

And target remarkably parochial, ignorant, and stupid white women like her.

R.C.: The point of the military is to kill people.

That's it.


Anonymous said...

Agree--and kill people--not US!


Anonymous said...


Tough day:
Wake up,see a strange older woman in the room with him(Jill);struggle to change Depends.Exhausted,he takes a nap--for 2 hours.Wake up and change Depends again..Breakfast brought in at 11 am.Spills hot coffee on himself,sending the tray with food on it,flying to the side.Asks waiter who he is.
"Me sir?
"No--who the hell am I?"
"You're the President of the United States!"

Escorted to the shower,where he sits down and gets breakfast soaped and rinsed off of him.

"When's breakfast?"Biden asks.
"Tomorrow morning sir,lunch is in an hour."
"I need a nap."
"Sir,the Israeli Prime Minister is here for lunch."
"So WHAT?"

2 P.M. Biden escorted to the White House guest area.

Israeli Prime Minister comes in,while Biden is lowered into his chair.


Not much longer for "President" Biden.He sleeps as much as Tommy Lasorda reportedly did as guest coach with the faux NY Mets.


Anonymous said...

Limp armchair wannabe warrior perhaps? You put quotes on "Marine" as in you questioning her EARNED status because she's a female? There's lots of pictures of Marines and other servicemembers assisting all the people in the area, including holding a baby. You take a look at a pic and make a judgement on what their entire day they've been doing. SMH

Nicholas said...

Anonymous Coward feminist,

She was a girl. She earned nothing.

"Servicemembers"? Only servicemen are competent to fight wars.

Look up "ad hominem."

Anonymous said...

Make me laugh. I worked on an Air Force Base while I was a high school student. I know who actually fights wars and not just those who are poseurs.

Don't mistake special forces soldiers for "marines" like her.

Only radical egalitarians believe that women are capable of battle.

Women are not. - RC