Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Alamogordo Residents React to Resettlement of Afghan Rapefugees at Holloman Air Force Base

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Aug 29, 2021 10:18 a.m.

Alamogordo Residents React to Resettlement of Afghan Refugees at Holloman Air Force Base

ATR: So, importing poverty stricken, illiterate, and innumerate Third Worlders to a small town.

What could possibly go wrong?


Anonymous said...

Alamagordo. Atomic bomb detonation 1945. Have the Afghan visit Trinity Site.

Anonymous said...

"We don't have the means to help them out as much as we want to, but then we're bringing in all these people. I mean, that's just an extra load on top of our state," Joseph Chavez said.

(GRA:Sez the spic.)

However, some residents say they're open to the idea, but need more answers in the relocation of the refugees.

"If we are able to help them while keeping our own safety and security as a priority, then I'm all for it," Laura King said.
(GRA:Leave it to a stupid White to be in favor of more destruction .)

Mike Drunzer, a resident of Alamogordo since 1947, says it's important to show support for Afghans who have helped the country in the past.

"It's a sad situation that's going on, but to help the Afghan people that have helped us, I think it's a great idea," Drunzer said.

In hopes of bringing better days to those most vulnerable.

"They'll integrate into the population of the United States and do a good job," Drunzer said.

(GRA:Dreamer--and a nutcase.)

It is still unclear how many Afghan refugees are expected to be at the Holloman Air Force Base, or when the group is expected to arrive.

(GRA:More than publicized--guaranteed).


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
And "why" are they worried about their safety if it's just a bunch of women, children and families as the media is pretending? Because these migrant resettlement consist of mostly young men! THAT'S WHY! But nobody will say it directly because it might be "racist".