Thursday, August 26, 2021

black capitol police cop Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt Comes Out of the Closet; nbc “news’” black supremacist Lester Holt is Going to Make Him a Star!

War crime victim Ashli Babbitt

By N.S.

Prior to his career as a war criminal, Lt. Michael Byrd gained infamy in 2019 for leaving his loaded service weapon in the men's room.

The new york post is covering for Byrd, by regurgitating the official Deep State story of a "riot."

"US Capitol Cop Who Shot Ashli Babbitt ID'd as Michael Byrd" (

War criminal Lt. Michael Byrd


Anonymous said...

Boyd's in fine company--all the black thugs appear on Holt's show for public relation rehabilitation.CP 5,Meek Mill--plus any felonious black with a beef at cops or Whites.

DuVernay probably has a movie ready to roll about Jan 6th--with Holt and Oprah complicit on the propaganda.

NBC News--my oxymoron of the day.


Anonymous said...

In case you wondered what you missed--by not turning on the late night shows Thursday:

Tonight Show
Camilla Cabello,Ryan Tedder

Kimmell(with RuPaul as host)
Thandiwie Newton,Izzie G and group,Belly.

Amanda Peet(heard of her),Roger Bennett,Clarissa Ward.

No wonder ratings are a million viewers a night.Actually,that's a lot considering the "stars" they get to appear.