Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Groot’s Chicago: A Gang of Racist black Thugs Brutally Beat and Rob One White Man, and then Another, in the Middle of the Street, Including Sucker-Punching One (Video)

By N.S.



Anonymous said...

That street is swarming with nigros--Whites should not be there.


europeasant said...

I drove by that street about 4 months ago but in the day Time. Nice place with many nice restaurants/bars. At night itz a whole different matter. I dont know what those two White guys were doing there that late at night. They forgot or didn't know about the "Derbyshire Rules".

Rogers park up in the extreme northeast part of the city is another area to be avoided. I took a daytime drive by there a year ago or so and was surprised by how many Africans were out side on the streets. I used to think that only the south and west sides were heavily populated by Africans but it seems that they are spreading all over.