Monday, August 30, 2021

Safia Pirouzi: Until Recently, She was a "Fighter Pilot" in the Afghan "Air Force"; Now, She's Dead

N.S.: Women are not competent to be fighter pilots, but the solution isn't to stone them to death. Just don't engage in affirmative action.


Anonymous said...

We all knew that what is occurring in Afghan was going to happen once the USA was gone.

Anonymous said...

Who reported this?NBC,WAPO?

All the stories out of Talibanistan,that are aired or written in the US,are for the sole purpose of reminding us how "prehistoric" and intransient the new government is,so that WE(US citizens)will sympathize and--as a country,decide we can take the whole lot of them in.

Save them all from themselves.Flood our cities with more foreigners.

Is there proof that MSM did not concoct the story?I believe nothing that they report anymore,but I know their methods very well by now.

Le said...

Did this happen in 2012 or yesterday?? Looks like other articles say 2012

Unknown said...

Women potentially make much better fighter pilots and astronauts than men. Having shorter and smaller bodies they can handle more G's and high-speed maneuvers. 100 lb women are 70 lb lighter than 170 lb men, thus the plane has increased range or can carry 70 lb more weapons and ammunition, all other things being equal. I would train small women to fly high altitude helicopters as the weight difference makes a huge difference in high altitude operations using helicopters.

ILS said...

Minimum body weight for most ejection seats is 140 lbs.