Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Conviction and Death Sentence for Lemaricus Davidson, "Ringleader" of the Knoxville Horror Kidnapping-Gang-Rape-Torture Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, Has been Upheld by the Tennessee Court of Appeals

"Davidson has appealed numerous times to have the verdict and the punishment overturned, taking his case from the appeals court to the Tennessee Supreme Court and now back to the lower court of appeals."

When Davidson and attorneys insisted on having the trial before a Knox County jury, they were told an appeal couldn't be made due to no change of venue. They have made that argument anyway to no avail. So far.

Nor was co-defendant George Thomas' testimony in the 2019 trial of Eric Boyd enough to change the verdict and sentence.

"Davidson was sentenced to death. Cobbins, his [half-]brother, is serving life without parole, George Thomas is serving two consecutive life terms and his girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman, deemed a facilitator, was denied parole earlier this year after serving 30 percent of her 35-year sentence. Eric Boyd was convicted in state court and sentenced to two life terms in prison."

David in TN: For what it's worth, this item from Knoxville's abc affiliate errs in saying Vanessa Coleman was George Thomas' girlfriend. Coleman was Cobbins' girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

There's no monogamy with black thugs and their women--they pass the poon around like White people pass turkey and stuffing around on Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

"Davidson has appealed numerous times to have the verdict "

How is it even possible you get so many appeals?

How is it possible too that you serve only 1/3 of your sentence and be up for parole?