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The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time -- Part XXVIII

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Subject: The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time -- Part XXVIII

The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time -- Part XXVIII

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The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time -- Part XXVIII

* What I refer to as the "Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time" is the systematic alteration of historical world temperatures to make it appear, falsely, that the most recent months and years are the "warmest ever."

The basic technique of the fraud is the artificial lowering of previously-reported data as to world temperatures in earlier years, in order to erase earlier warmth and amplify the apparent warming trend. This is the 28th post in this series. The previous post in the series appeared on October 5, 2020. To view all 27 prior posts, you can go to this composite link.

 * The deliverable products of the temperature fraudsters are purported charts of world temperatures derived from a thermometer-based surface record (called GHCN, or Global Historical Climate Network), generally going back to about 1880. The charts are engineered to appear in an iconic "hockey stick" shape, with relatively flat earlier years followed by a sharply rising "blade" in the most recent years.

 * Every few years the government (this is a joint effort of NASA and NOAA) comes out with a new version of these data. The latest version is called GHCN version 4, which began in 2018.

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Anonymous said...


GRA:Hurricane Katrina took a similar path 16 years ago and all reports indicate Ida will make landfall just west of New Orleans on Sunday.That places Ida in a perfect spot to cause maximum damage--as Katrina did.

Instead of Bush flying over to inspect damage,it'll be Biden.Same person basically.

Anonymous said...

Earth it is true warming up. Has been for the last ten thousand years or so. No internal combustion engines around back then. Or coal fired power plants. Explain that warming before the machines of man and I will listen.