Thursday, August 26, 2021

Texan Emma Presler is 19, Pretty, Blonde, White, and a Fugitive from Justice Who May Already be a Serial Killer

Mug shot of 19-year-old alleged murderer, Emma Presler

By Nicholas Stix

She caught a break last year, when a judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge her as the getaway driver on a murder, for which her boyfriend and three crime partners have been charged.

Her newest alleged crime is a real atrocity: She is charged--in absentia--with having broken into a home, dousing lighter fluid on the couple living there, and lighting them up. The man, Devin Graham, 33, was burned alive. His girlfriend, 26-year-old Karissa Lindros, 26, suffered burns over 70 percent of her body, and is fighting for her life.

By the way: There's a personal angle, as Presler and Lindros are acquaintances.

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