Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Gen. Michael Flynn on the FBI’s Criminal Entrapment Conspiracy Regarding Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

RealGenFlynn [GETTR]

On the Governor Whitmer Kidnapping case—New text messages reveal the FBI wanted to instigate a more dangerous plot—FBI Agent directive to informant: “Mission is to kill the governor specifically” … The FBI is revealing itself to be one of the most corrupt institutions within the entire US government [don’t I know it]…And this information is coming out despite any significant investigations or oversight. Imagine what we could uncover about the plot to frame President Trump & more.” “Durham?”

N.S.: I don’t know how one determines anymore that one institution is more corrupt than any other, although the FBI is certainly up there, doing its worst.

I’m tempted to speak of saturation corruption, but that would suggest that we’ve hit rock bottom. In human affairs, however, there is no rock bottom.

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