Sunday, April 04, 2021

You Dropped Dead, Babe: The George Floyd Song

[Re: "‘White Savior Complex’: Cher Bono Trolled for Claiming She Could Have Helped George Floyd.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, April 4, 2021 at 2:35:00 A.M. EDT

GRA: I couldn’t resist; I hope everyone gets a couple laughs out of this parody.

Sung to “I Got You, Babe”
Duet with Cher and GRA

(Cher) They say you’re dumb,
You should’ve known,
If you do drugs,
Your heart, it will explode.

(GRA) Well, now we know,
That all that’s true,
Cuz you dropped dead,
You started turning blue.

(Cher) Floyd—you dropped dead, babe.
You dropped dead, babe.

(Cher) They say that drugs
Mess with your head,
You proved that fact—
Until you became dead.

(GRA) “I could have saved you”—
This, Cher has said,
She didn't though—
And now George Floyd is dead.

(Cher) Floyd—you dropped dead, babe.

(GRA) You passed counter...feited bills.
You took many...illegal pills,

(Cher) But even with that,
If I was around, BR> You’d still be here—
Not stuck in the gro-ou-ou-und!

So let them say you're dead and gone,
If I’d been there, it’d be a different song.

(GRA) This freak, I think,
Has lost her mind,
No saving Floyd,
She must be deaf and blind.

(Cher) Floyd—you dropped dead, babe.
(Both) You dropped de-e-e-a-d babe.

(Repeat a few times)
You dropped dead, babe!



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Anonymous said...

The Floyd boy case will be a stimulus for a Cher comeback. We should all be so fortunate.