Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Whitey Must Go: In Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, White Police Chief Resigns, Racist black Mayor Stays

[Re: “Brooklyn Center, MN: Riots after Cops Try to Enforce Traffic Laws against congoid Male.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 6:57:00 P.M. EDT

(CNN) The police officer who shot and killed a black man in a Minneapolis suburb over the weekend has submitted a resignation letter – as has the police chief who said the shooting was accidental, the suburb's mayor said Tuesday.

[Kim] Potter, who state authorities say fatally shot Daunte Wright on Sunday during a traffic stop, and Police Chief Tim Gannon – who told reporters Monday that Potter appeared to mistake her gun for her Taser during the shooting – have turned in resignation letters, Elliott said.

The letters came after a second night of protests [sic] roiled the city, with hundreds of demonstrators [sic] expressing anger at Wright’s death, some of whom clashed [sic] with police late Monday.

GRA: The White policewoman just made the Wright famblee millionaires. I see “uncle ben” crump is already “representing the Wrights,” (chuckle). He was on NNN tonight with a big, s—t-eating grin.




David In TN said...

Note how fast the name of the police officer came out in contrast to the capitol officer who shot Ashli Babbitt. The latter STILL is unidentified.

Anonymous said...

Mu understanding of the hierarchy in city government is that the police chief is chosen by the mayor.If the (White)chief is resigning because the reaction of a police officer,who is under his command,was faulty,why shouldn't the (black)mayor--who appointed the police chief--resign as well?

The chief should not be leaving--what possible reason is there for his departure--except to install a black in his place for optics?


Anonymous said...

If a cop can accidentally shoot a gun thinking it is a Tazer, that is a major problem. Tazers need to be designed so there is no way it feels like a gun. In the meantime, put velcro or something on the grip and practice identifying, "gun or Tazer" before firing. No excuse for this kind of incompetence. That said, Whites and Asians should leave all black areas and take their money and businesses with them. Let the black thugs starve in their own black wastelands without being carried by White and Asian businesses and their tax money. Who says integration is a good idea? When I was in college, blacks in the dorm wanted all black rooms on an all black floor--they didn't want to live among Whites. And blacks want their own student union, their own graduation, etc. When Whites move into black areas, black scream about gentrification. Let blacks live in their all black hellholes. If a decent black wants to escape the thugs, let him become an honorary White and prove it before getting a passport to live among civilized people. Of course this is just rhetorical--but lets stop the fiction that blacks among decent folks is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Capitol officer(black)will not be charged.