Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The New Ferguson

The New Ferguson By the Countenance Blogmeister


The more I read, the more similarities I see between Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, and Ferguson.

Two biggies:

(1) Their racial demographics flipped relatively rapidly, in a thirty-year time span

(2) In spite of that, their patrol-level police officers are nearly all White at the time of their infamous police incidents, as they were at the time when their population demographics were almost all white. Which is to say, the changing demographics have not yet changed the police department.

With Ferguson, as I wrote here in this space back when Ferguson became an international buzzword, blacks who want to be cops in the St. Louis area know they can get on just about anywhere, affirmative action being what it is, especially in a sensitive and politicized sector like public law enforcement, so they’re not going to pick a jurisdiction like Ferguson, where you have the worst of both worlds, relatively low pay and relatively high danger. Any other permutation of pay and danger is, by definition, better than Ferguson.

It appears that Brooklyn Center, Minn. might have a big enough municipal budget to pay their cops more, but I also have found out about its changed demographics. Which means it’s high danger (as we’ve all seen within the last few days), and I’m sure that there are departments in the MSTP area that pay better than BC, and are of lower danger.


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Anonymous said...

Many Fergusons erupting,yet the census only says 13 percent blacks in our country?Do these same government people (under)count the people with Covid vaccine complications also?And inflation in food prices?And crime stats?Votes in presidential elections?

I think so.