Monday, April 05, 2021

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome: Allen Police Find 6 Dead, Say Suicide Pact Shared on Social Media Mentions "Killing Family"

By A Texas Reader
Mon, Apr 5, 2021 1:38 p.m.

Allen Police Find 6 Dead, Say Suicide Pact Shared on Social Media Mentions "Killing Family"

ATR: Turd Worlders?!


Anonymous said...

Illegals are not (White)Americans--they don't now--or ever will think like we do.They're bizarre,violent,unpredictable,criminals at heart and the men feel like they own their family members(wife,kids,people living with them).

A powderkeg that could go off--especially when alcohol and drugs are mixed in--and they almost always are.


Anonymous said...

The two 13 and 15-year-old girls charged in the armed fatal carjacking of a man recently in Washington, DC, will reportedly receive a plea deal.

“The Washington Post, which sat-in on the virtual hearing for the two juveniles held on Wednesday, reports that the prosecutor had told the judge they were expecting to give attorneys plea bargain offers in the ‘next day or two,'” Fox 5 reported Friday.

It was the teenagers’ second court appearance, the outlet said.

The girls were charged following an alleged carjacking that left an elderly Uber Eats driver dead, Breitbart News reported March 25:

Police confirmed two young teenagers, aged 15 and 13, were formally charged Wednesday with crimes including felony murder after an alleged carjacking resulted in the death of 66-year-old grandfather Mohammad Anwar on March 23. The girls, whose identities have been withheld in light of their status as minors, allegedly hijacked Anwar’s vehicle.

Authorities say the girls may have used a stun gun on Anwar, causing the loss of control that led to the fatal crash. Anwar’s car flipped as it traveled near Nationals Park, on the 1200 block of Van Street SE. Anwar was thrown from the vehicle onto the sidewalk. D.C. Fire and EMS responded, transporting Anwar to a local hospital where he later died.

Video footage of the incident showed the teens, one wearing an orange hoodie, inside the vehicle as Anwar stood next to it. A few seconds later, the car took off down the street.

GRA:A slap on the wrist was deemed racist and too severe a punishment.They settled for an apology from the Mohammed Anwar family and reparations totalling 80 million dollars,plus a coupon allowing them to kill 2 Asian people a month for a year.It's the new American justice system for blacks.