Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Breaking News Alert: Here’s How Much Prison Time Officer Derek Chauvin Faces

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Breaking: Here's How Much Prison Time Derek Chauvin Faces

Breaking: Here's how much prison time Derek Chauvin faces
Convicted murderer Derek Chauvin faces a maximum of 75 years in prison after being found guilty...
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APR 20, 2021



Anonymous said...

What the hell is "2nd degree unintentional murder"?That's called an accident!

I swear,White folks need to get the fog out of their heads cleared up and conjure up a few thousand people to go to Minneapolis and let the authorities know:40 to 75 years in prison for this bulls**t conviction--choreographed to make the blacks feel good-- is unacceptable.

If nothing like that materializes,Whites will be perceived to be giving their permission for even more race destruction.


Anonymous said...

Could you imagine the coverage if 50,000 Whites went to protest the verdict?There were a LOT of unhappy Whites on Breitbart tonight,but unhappy enough to make a stand?

I won't answer that question--it's unnecessary--we already KNOW the disgusting answer.