Saturday, April 03, 2021

Breaking News Alert: Curser DMX Off Life Support Following Heart Attack

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Breaking: Rapper DMX Off Life Support Following Heart Attack

N.S.: Circa 1999, I got a pseudonymous op-ed published (as "Robert Berman") in the Daily News about this guy. He was performing in Trinidad, and started cursing. The police arrested him. The Trinis still had old-fashioned notions of public decency. Whether they still do, I can't say.

Breaking: Rapper DMX off life support following heart attack
DMX was taken off life support Saturday afternoon and is breathing on his own at a Westchester...
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APR 03, 2021



Anonymous said...

NOW I can sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Negroes are noted for their rugged constitutions. Almost all negro talk is interspersed with a whole lot of cursing and foul language.