Saturday, April 07, 2012

Federale on Trayvon Martin and the Second Amendment: Gun Nuts Looking to Trade Freedom for Security on Race Will Find They Lose Their Guns,

in the Bargain
By Nicholas Stix

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Ben Franklin

Federale started out writing exclusively, I believe, on immigration, which is his field of expertise, but he sees the big picture, and the connections between different policy prescriptions, practices, and rhetorical choices. Consider his newest column on the relation of the Trayvon Martin case to gun rights.

As a matter of enlightened self-interest, what group stands to gain the most, by far, from a strict interpretation of the Second Amendment. Right, blacks. And what group is the most adamantly opposed to gun rights? Right again, blacks. That is because most blacks’ racism is so white (pardon the pun) hot that they would rather see a thousand blacks die at the hands of armed black criminals, than see one white or Asian defend himself with a legal firearm against a black predator.

Deep down, in a place they don’t like to go to at their Tea Party rallies, gun nuts know this. Federale talks about the ways they have tried to go around the problem of black racism, but they’re running out of detours, and the very right to keep and bear arms that they hold sacred is in jeopardy. Blacks are trying to use the Trayvon Martin case for a massive undercutting of Second Amendment rights.

The black dream is not one in which all citizens have equal rights, and in which all blacks choose the straight and narrow. The black dream is one in which all non-blacks (or at least, all whites and Asians) are disarmed, all blacks are armed to the teeth, and black thugs refrain from ever harming other blacks (except for traitors to the race—those who treat non-blacks, or at least, whites and Asians, with decency), while committing genocide against whites and Asians.

* * *

Gun Nuts Running Scared of Race Angle in Trayvon Martin Case
By Federale
April 7, 2012

Scared of the Trayvon Martin case. Few are addressing the real issue directly. Some are inching towards the issue at hand slowly, but for an outright case of self defense under a statute that most gun nuts worked hard on, poor George Zimmerman is not getting the support he deserves from those most supportive of armed self-defense.

Perhaps they don't like the poor choice of those acting in self-defense, perhaps they don't like the idea of a young black thug being the perpetrator, but even the un-telegenic have a right of self-defense.

Gun nuts usually run from the race issue. The NRA especially. They usually hide behind the standard crime is not a race issue, blacks are the usual victim of black crime, yada, yada, yada. But just as you can't yada, yada, yada sex, you can't yada, yada, yada the black race war on whites. Sometimes it might be wise to ignore the race issue, but they aren't just ignoring the race issue, they are refusing to come to George Zimmerman's defense and refusing to come to the defense of self-defense openly and forthrightly....

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Anonymous said...

I like your intro. It said it better than I could.

Anonymous said...

Former NRA Director James Zangrilli said once that Blacks always believe they can get guns; therefore, they don't really care much about voting Gun Rights. That means that Gun Nuts are basically wasting their time if they think they can awaken any kind of libertarian impulses in Blacks to cause them to support pro-gun candidates. As for David T. Hardy, his gun-control-is-for-suppressing-blacks approach is probably a tactical approach for the typical white "liberal" like those living in Morton Grove, IL i.e. don't actually live next to Blacks and thus might be persuaded on some sort of 'well-shucks-I-guess-gun-control-historicaly-by-whites-is anti-Black.' As of course compared to 1960s and on Gun Control which is strictly to allow Canadians to roam free and attack at will.

Warlord1958 said...

If you remove the negro factor from the gun crime stats, U.S. gun crimes are almost nil. Not even mention the mestizo factor....