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And Then They Came for John Derbyshire: Racial Socialists Organize High-Tech Lynching Over Trayvon Martin Column, with White “Conservatives” Begging,

‘Please Let Us Join in the Fun!’
By Nicholas Stix

As if it’s not bad enough that racial socialism demands the collective glorification of people who have an average IQ of somewhere between 78 and 85, a stratospheric crime quotient, and an even higher hate quotient, it also demands that people with triple-digit IQs talk and write as if they were in the 78-85 range, and that they spread the hate against anyone who dares to state the obvious about race.

John Derbyshire is a national treasure. I don’t read him much these days, because he’s an opinion columnist, and I have little time for even the best. I spend my days and nights up to my armpits in the blood of white war victims, metaphorically speaking, and devote myself to factual reports, or to seeking to glean what facts can be found between the lines of reportorials, and those information-rich comments that made it past the censors at media Web sites. But every now and then I read, or re-read Derbyshire, who is a graceful prose stylist, witty, brilliant and heterodox, in the sense of straddling what is taken to be the divide between “neoconservatism” and “paleoconservatism.”

For instance, he is a self-described “philo-Semite,” which doesn’t apply to too many paleos, while also being honest about race, a trait which I have not seen among any of today’s neo brat-packers, and which got the brilliant and graceful writer Roger Starr (1918-2001) exiled to the nether regions, late in his life. (Friends and colleagues have related stories of original neocons being privately honest about race in their dotage, and Norman Podhoretz wrote honestly on the subject 49 years ago.)

Various racist blacks have contributed to the Trayvon Martin Hoax by talking about “The Talk.” “The Talk” refers to discussions that racist black parents have with their sons, in which they reinforce, for the umpteenth time, the racist paranoia that they have taught their sons since the latter’s birth. The parents (usually one unwed parent, but married couples are no better) sit them down and tell them that the biggest danger facing them is racist white men with guns and badges whose lives are devoted to racially profiling angelic, young black males, whom the racist whites target for illegal arrests, and even death.

Derbyshire wrote about the sort of “talk” that white and Asian parents need to have with their children, about the dangers of consorting with blacks.

For instance, he talks of the need, for the sake of self-preservation, to avoid any area that one may reasonably expect to contain large numbers of blacks, and to immediately leave any area that suddenly fills up with them.

I have never had this “talk” with my son, and will never need to have it. The experience of seeing one’s father jumped and beaten by racist blacks in a supermarket in an overwhelmingly white neighborhood, blacks who furthermore were in the store for no other reason than to attack a lone white (and who didn’t even feign shopping), not being able to help one’s father, and seeing him arrested, because “respectable” racist blacks lied to the police and charged him with being the aggressor, while no white witnesses would openly contradict them, makes more of an impression than a thousand “talks.”

When my son was younger, he would observe racist outrages, but they would pass, and he was young enough to forget them, such as the racist black female city bus driver who locked the front door of the bus on me, when he was eight.

My only criticism of Derbyshire is that he is too kind towards blacks.
(9) A small cohort of blacks—in my experience, around five percent—is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us. A much larger cohort of blacks—around half—will go along passively if the five percent take leadership in some event. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that whites have it coming.

I would put the “ferociously” racist black proportion at closer to 20 percent, and the passive supporters at an additional 70 percent. But I don’t expect Derbyshire to talk like that. He has much less experience with blacks, and I’m radioactive, which he wasn’t… until a few hours ago.

What happened then was that the racist Left organized a hatefest against him, which resulted in one lefty troll after another posting comments at Taki’s Mag, where the column was published, in a sort of can-you-top-this game of who can post the most moronic, dishonest comment. One of the lefties even sought to pass himself off as a “disillusioned conservative,” talking about the good ole’ days, when Bill Buckley was alive. The lefty obviously was blissfully unaware that the dear Buckley had fought the Civil Rights Act tooth and nail.

Totalitarian, racist lefties seeking to destroy anyone who disagrees with them is par for the course. What was much more disturbing was the cowardly response by alleged conservatives, who acted like … totalitarian, racist lefties.

Derbyshire’s editor at National Review, the allegedly male Rich Lowry, denounced him, while a Josh Barro at Forbes demanded that Lowry fire Derbyshire.

I’d never heard of Barro, but I had become aware of Forbes’ pc turn a couple of years ago. The writer of a Forbes piece on America’s best cities to raise a family, Francesca Levy, depicted Buffalo, one of the nation’s most violent cities, as one of its most desirable. The trick was in using the suburban-dominated metropolitan area stats, in place of those for the city proper.

Lowry had previously taken “conservative” racial sycophancy to a new low, by sucking up to blood-drenched, black supremacist Al Sharpton.

Barro had already jumped on the Trayvon Martin Hoax bandwagon on March 26, and his writing on the subject is indistinguishable from that of, say, a Frank Rich, who for years had had the job of churning out one race-baiting, Republican-bashing column after another for the Times.

I commented at Forbes,
What Josh Barro is advising Rich Lowry to do is to fire the only writer he has who is honest about race, worth reading on issues besides terrorism, and a serious intellectual.

For Barro, being “credible on race” requires that one lie 100 percent of the time. That’s also the lefty definition.

And he gives a demonstration on how to do just that, with a column filled with so many lies that, even if I could be sure that the censors would let me through, I’d go way past the Forbes word limit. Reducing his prevarications to keywords, he lies (or repeats other writers’ lies) about crime rates, what group is targeted the most by black criminals, black pols and voters’ interest in reducing crime, and he shamelessly promotes the Trayvon Martin Hoax.

And if Lowry, whom Barro presents as some sort of fearless, truth-telling, Renaissance Man, were to fire Derbyshire, would he then be taken seriously by black Americans? Of course, not. He already sucked up to bloody, black supremacist, Al Sharpton, and that didn’t help. If Lowry wants to stay in business, he needs to worry about being taken seriously by white Americans.

So, Barro is looking to earn brownie points, and maybe even Derbyshire’s column, by sucking up to both Lowry and racist blacks. How honorable. How high-minded. How credible.

I look forward to the day when they come for him, too.

However, reader “klejdys” pointed out that Barro’s piece not only failed to refute any of Derbyshire’s points, but had apparently been written about Lowry’s piece, and that Barro had simply slapped on a new and ill-fitting title and opening, in order to exploit the wave of hatred heading Derbyshire’s way.

Imagine my surprise when noting that Josh Barro, noted Forbes contributor and on fiscal and economic policy, was going to take on Derb’s piece at Takimag. I am sure he would sure the world that Derb’s piece was wrong and take it apart piece by piece. That would show the world that the racissssss Derb was wrong, spewing lies on top of lies. This would surely help vault Josh Barro further in the intellectual orbit, perhaps landing him on Bill Maher’s show someday next to Andrew Sullivan. Someday, sport. Someday.

Imagine my surprise when Barro instead spent most of the entire article talking about Rich Lowry’s piece in NR. (I love how Barro defines credibility; fire someone who disagrees with you. Newsflash: conservatives will never be credible on race in the eyes of liberals. Barro will never get it. He’ll be great on Stewart’s show in 3 years. Call him David Frum light.) Almost as if he had this piece written about Lowry’s piece, then just re-titled it when Derb’s piece fizzled up from the left wing swamps of noted race freethinkers like Adam Serwer and Alex Pareene.

A shame Josh Barro devoted zero time to debunking Derb’s ‘hatefacts’. Barro quotes two small points in the piece, calls them racissss (profiling! stereotyping!), then moves on. Wow! You sure showed us Josh. Sorry, just calling something racist (thanks White guy!) doesn’t, in fact, make it so. In fact, the more sh*t I read from the likes of folks like Barro, the more I know Derb’s piece is not only spot on, but a shot across the bow against what Disingenuous White Liberals sell to America on a regular basis, but with less and less people believing the BS they are selling. What our own lyin’ eyes see is so totally divorced from Barro’s BS that it’s worth noting that finally the emperor has no clothes. Here’s hoping those 8k clicks this misleading article gets equals 30 pieces of silver. Now that’s topical.

If this is how GOP writers and their standard-bearer plan on contesting the election, “Obama” won’t need to steal it; he’ll win cleanly in a cakewalk.

[From the Trayvon Martin Hoax files:

“Sanford, Florida: Black ‘Little Boy,’Trayvon Martin 17, Beat White ‘Vigilante’ George Zimmerman Bloody; Zimmerman Shot Martin Dead; Now Black WFTV ‘Reporter,’ Daralene Jones, Black Supremacists, and White Aunt Jemima Earwitness Demand That Zimmerman be Arrested”;

“Trayvon Martin: ABC ‘News’ Gets on Bandwagon, Acting as Martin’s Family Mouthpiece; Family Lawyer Refuses to Release All Information about Teen’s Last Phone Call to Girlfriend, but Insists That It Requires That George Zimmerman be Arrested ‘Right Now’”;

“Arrest First, Investigate Later: Press Conference by Lawyer Benjamin Crump, of Trayvon Martin’s Family, Seeks Through Violation of Due Process… to Railroad George Zimmerman”;

“News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case Keeps Getting Worse: New York Daily News Passes Off ABC News Hearsay as ‘Interview,’ While Changing the Hearsay!”;

“USA Today: ‘In wake of black teen Trayvon Martin's death, USA is soul-searching’; McPaper Invokes Jena 6, Quotes Al Sharpton, Self-Described ‘ThugNiggaIntellectual’ Mark Neal, and Jena Attacker Theo Shaw as Moral Authorities”;

“Why the Secret ‘Interview’ with Trayvon Martin’s Secret Girlfriend is Bogus, and His Alleged Last Cell Phone Call is Insignificant”;

“Another Trayvon Martin Supporter: Florida Atlantic U. Hate Crime Attacker Jonatha Carr Had Just been Interviewed about the Jena Six/Nuremberg-Style Rally She’s been Organizing; CBS12 News Tries to Rationalize Her Crimes”;

“Trayvon Martin’s Parents Attend New York City Riot Held on Their Behalf”;

Associated Press and Penn Live: Arrest George Zimmerman for Killing Trayvon Martin, the Law be Damned! Let Zimmerman Prove His Innocence in Court!”

National Review ‘Conservative’ Rich Lowry Goes to Bat for Al Sharpton in Trayvon Martin Case, Ignoring or Misrepresenting Facts of the Case”;

“Trayvon Martin Case: Real Eyewitness Supports Zimmerman’s Story, as Opposed to Lynch Mob’s Fake Eyewitnesses”;

“Barack Obama: Because Trayvon Martin was Black, and Vaguely Resembled Me, ‘All of Us Have to Do Some Soul-Searching’”;

Federale on the Trayvon Martin Hoax: National Review’s Rich Lowry and Robert VerBruggen Seek Street Cred with Black Supremacists by Sacrificing George Zimmerman; America Needs More Zimmermans, and Fewer Lowries and VerBruggens”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Business Insider Joins Mob Seeking to Lynch George Zimmerman”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Geraldo Rivera Finally Does the Right Thing!”;

“Black Supremacist Spike Lee (‘Tawana Told the Truth!’) is Trying to Get George Zimmerman Murdered, by Tweeting His Address: The Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“Hoax Starts to Unravel: Trayvon Martin Started Fight, and was Going to Kill George Zimmerman”;

“George Zimmerman’s Lawyer and Friend Defend Him Against Trayvon Martin Hoax, While ABC News Soldiers on, Repeating Refuted Claims”;

“First Report on Trayvon Martin’s Death One Month Ago Already Included Eyewitness Description of Martin Beating George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman Yelling ‘Help Me!’”;

“George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin was Trying to Murder Me (Orlando Sentinel)”;

“Jesse Jackson Called for Riots on Behalf of Trayvon Martin, and North Miami Beach Senior HS Students Came Through, Ransacking a Walgreen’s”;

“Another ‘Honor Student’: Trayvon Martin was a Thug, Vandal, Burglar, Pothead and/or Drug Dealer, and Had been Suspended from School at Least 3 Times”;

“The Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Party Offers $10,000 Bounty for the Kidnapping (or Murder?) of George Zimmerman, for Shooting Trayvon Martin”;

“Walter Williams on Profiling and the Trayvon Martin Case”;

“Barack Obama’s Ally, the Genocidal Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Party, Calls for the Murder of George Zimmerman”;

“Trayvon Martin: Racist Terrorist Rep. Bobby Rush (Race-Chicago/Black Panthers), is Thrown Off House Floor for Donning a Hoodie, and Denouncing ‘Racial Profiling’; CBS ‘News’ Soldiers on with Race Hoax”;

“Heather MacDonald Goes Halfway on the Trayvon Martin Case, Race, and the Media”;

“I Guess Everybody Would Have Preferred George be Beaten to Death; My Son being Shot”: Video of George Zimmerman’s Father’s Exclusive Miami Herald Interview”;

“Trayvon Martin FAQ”;

“Elderly Couple Terrorized by Spike Lee Hires Attorney; Lee Simulates Humility and Humanity, in Order to Avoid Losing Millions in Court”;

“Vichycon David Frum to MSM: I’ll Support Your Trayvon Martin Hoax, if You’ll Continue Supporting Me as a ‘Conservative’”;

“Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner Gets Fired for Excessive Honesty in Racial Fairy Tale Pic Depicting Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“Petition Demands That Suppressed UT Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner, Victim of the Racist Trayvon Martin Witch Hunt, be Reinstated!”;

“Sherlock Holmes on the Curious Case of Trayvon Martin, the State of the Legal Mechanisms in ‘the Colonies,’ and the Value of Even a Corrupt Press”;

“A Washington State Reader Writes on the Trayvon Martin Hoax, a Raceless Shooter, Readers Who Do Reporters’ Work for Them, and Seattle’s Northgate Mall”;

“Relative of George Zimmerman: George Stepped Up for Black Homeless Beating Victim Sherman Ware, When the Black Community Ignored Ware, but the Same Black Community, Including Ware’s Sister, Now Denounces Him as a ‘Racist’”;

“The Orlando Sentinel Provides a Non-Explanatory Map of the Shooting of Trayvon Martin, Highly Censored Comments, and One Typical, Black Racist Post”;

“Racist, Black L.A. Times Columnist Sandy Banks Goes to Plan B: Trayvon Martin Case ‘Transcends the issue of race’”;

“George Zimmerman's Father: My Son is Not Racist, Did Not Confront Trayvon Martin”; and

Populist Outrage, or Racist Astroturfing? New NPR Cover Story for Trayvon Marttin Hoax Lawyer Covers Up How He Really Works.”]



Baloo said...

Wow. What hath Trayvon wrought? I've linked to this, and added links to a bunch of other enlightening and indirectly enlightening stuff here:
"Expecting the Spanish Inquisition"

Anonymous said...

You can tell a lot about someone by their zip code.

That is, Barro and his ilk do not live in the 'hood nor barrio. So, they never get to experience the joys of "diversity," and "vibrancy" and dining in a "gritty" neighborhood.

I've experienced all of these.

It's far better to live in the 'burbs.

Anonymous said...

"... while no white witnesses would openly contradict them..." This sums up why I try to avoid blacks as much as I can. If I get attacked and fight back the blacks will lie and say I started the fight-- that's 100% sure. The chance of any white witness stepping up to the plate to tell the cops the truth is close to nil.The blacks don't scare me (I grew up in the Bronx during the 1960's and my dad taught me how to fight. That's not the problem.).I'm scared of being falsely accused and being thrown in prison while my fellow whites look the other way.
I'm sorry you had to go through the horror of being falsely accused with no support.
I'm in my fifties now and live in California. I still cry when I think about the great destruction that took place in the South Bronx and all over NYC during the 60's and 70's.All the elderly who were brutally murdered in their beds,may they rest in peace.I still pray for them in my heart.
I have great hatred and disdain for all the NYC politicians and the Catholic Church leaders who didn't say or do anything while the city went up in flames.
I'm thankful you and your son are doing well after your experiences.Joe

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

John Derbyshire's "Talk" Before the left goes off and paints every conservative and Republican as a racist, I would caution some introspection. I do not agree with Derbyshire, but I have also heard what he has said many times from people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and political persuasions. I have heard what Derbyshire said by leftist who work in social government services (usually after a couple of drinks in a private conversation). So if you disagree, great, rather than engage in faux outrage, how about discussing this rationally and with facts, argument or humor.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding wrap up. I wonder if Lowry and his ilk actually think that they will uplift the beast, or that it will eat them last?

-Sweep the leg-

djnarbs said...

Every Josh Barro "tax expert" editorial: Wow, gov't obligations are really big. We need to do something.

rjp said...

I would put the “ferociously” racist black proportion at closer to 20 percent, and the passive supporters at an additional 70 percent.

I agree more with your numbers, Derb's are very light. I even think your's may be, but then I live and work in downtown Chicago.

Anonymous said...

[I would put the “ferociously” racist black proportion at closer to 20 percent, and the passive supporters at an additional 70 percent.]

Still not high enough for Memphis.