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Three Years After the Winchester Atrocity, First Trial is Delayed, Yet Again, Until March at the Earliest


The victims: newlyweds, Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak, 24, and Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26.

By Nicholas Stix

In The Diversity Zone, monsters toy with the criminal justice system like a cat with a cornered mouse. Except that unlike real mice, this mouse seems to be in love with mouse-eating cats.

And so it is, that although Friday night will mark the third anniversary of the racist outrage that I dubbed the Winchester Atrocity, the torture-rape-murders of newlyweds, Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak, 24, and Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26, there has yet to be a single trial of the four confessed rapist-torturer-murderers, and no trial is even scheduled for another five months.

In addition to the system's usual, leisurely pace, one defendant, Kesaun Kedron "Psycho" Sykes has been aggressively playing the "crazy card," in an effort to cheat Lady Justice. Meanwhile he, who has nothing to lose, has his back to the wall, while she, who has has everything to lose, has exposed herself to fire.


From left, defendants Kevin Darnell Cox, Emrys Justin John, Tyrone Miller and Kesaun K. Sykes

The trial of four Marines accused of slaying a fellow Marine and his wife has been pushed back to March at the earliest.

A change in attorney for one of the defendants caused the delay.

Attorney Doug Myers began representing Kesaun Kedron Sykes about two months ago, and needs time to review the case, he said during a hearing on Friday at the Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta.

The Marines, Sykes, Kevin Cox, Emrys Justin John and Tyrone Miller, are accused of storming into a young couple's home in French Valley in 2008, tying them up, tormenting them and shooting them at point-blank range in an attempt to rob them of a nonexistent store of money. The victims, Marine Sgt. Jan Pietrzak, 24, and his wife, Quiana Faye Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26, were killed.

[“Trial Postponed for 4 Marines Accused of Slaying French Valley Couple,” by Peter Surowski, Camp Pendleton Patch, September 9, 2011.]
Riverside County criminal justice authorities apparently seek to try all four defendants together. While severing trials is time-consuming and expensive—just look at the Knoxville Horror—clearly this Sykes character guarantees a gargantuan waste of time, money, and trouble, and the best thing authorities can do is to at least sever his case.

Peter Surowski printed more of the specifics in a January report:

Kevin Cox, 23, Tyrone Miller, 23, Emrys John, 21, and Sykes are charged with two counts of first-degree murder, rape with an object and using a firearm.

On the day of the killing, the four defendants, armed with handguns, barged into the victims’ home and bound Pietrzak with tape. Then they stripped his wife in front of him, forced her to dance and raped her with an object, hoping the husband would say where the couple kept their cash and valuables, investigators testified during pretrial hearings.

Unknown to the suspects, the couple had little of value. After taking the couple’s few valuables, including their wedding rings, the suspects shot them several times in the head and tried to set the house on fire, investigators testified.

Detectives later found the victims’ belongings in the defendants’ homes at Camp Pendleton. They also found shoes that match prints found on the crime scene.

If convicted, the defendants could face the death penalty, court records show.

[“Defendant Flings Urine in Courtroom, Delays Trial,” by Peter Surowski, Temecula Patch, January 31, 2011.]
Note that the first news story I quoted above came out one month ago, from one of the system of invaluable local Patch blogs manned by journalists aspiring to one day get paid for work, God bless ‘em! After a lone report by ABC News almost three years ago, the national MSM left this story to die.

Locally, it has been covered by the Sun Valley News, North County Times, and Press-Enterprise in California, near the crime scene, and by New York’s Daily News, because Pietrzak had lived in Brooklyn as a child, between immigrating to America and enlisting in the Marine Corps.

Sheriff's investigators allege the defendants beat, bound and gagged the couple while they ransacked the residence, stealing jewelry and other valuables and stuffing them into suitcases that were loaded into John's Jeep Cherokee.

Cox and Sykes allegedly confessed their parts in the deadly attack, each pointing fingers at the other, according to investigators. The pair allegedly cut off Quiana's nightgown and sexually assaulted her on a table with various objects while her husband was forced to watch, according to testimony.

A fellow Camp Pendleton Marine, Justin Weissinger, testified that Miller and John detailed their involvement in the slayings during a conversation with him on the base.

Weissinger alleged the men said they positioned the victims on a sofa and shot both in the head twice, using cushions to suppress the gunfire.

Why the newlyweds were targeted has not been confirmed, though there were racial overtones, with epithets scrawled on a wall in the residence.

Pietrzak was white, of Polish descent, and Quiana, a San Bernardino native, was black.

[“Marine Accused of Killing Couple Found Competent to Stand Trial,” by Anonymous, Valley News, May 26th, 2011.]
The Valley News is, to my knowledge, the only newspaper to openly suggest the murders may have been racially motivated.

Unfortunately, the most recent story I could find in the Daily News was a blog dated February 4, by its longtime top re-write man, Corky Siemaszko.

Siemaszko’s status at the daily gave him the freedom to use the sort of joyously colorful language once typical of crime reporters—“was having his head examined,” “Sykes allegedly joked about sodomizing Quiana Pietrzak with a sex toy...'buzzing sounds,'” “the sadistic fiends”—but he was also unfortunately given license to make a basic error in military protocol, by referring to Sgt. Pietrzak as the defendants’ (I believe two of the defendants’) “commanding officer.” As a reader pointed out at the time, no sergeant can be a “commanding officer.”

One of the Marines accused of torturing and murdering their Brooklyn-raised commanding officer and his wife was having his head examined Friday after he suddenly began urinating during his court hearing.

Kesuan Sykes, whose nickname is "Psycho," was in the midst of a pre-trial hearing when he stood up and began flinging urine around a California courtroom.

Court officers pounced on the shackled suspect, and the judge ordered Sykes to undergo a mental evaluation after the disgusting display, which happened last Friday.

Sykes, 23, is believed to be the most disturbed of the four Marines charged with the brutal murders of Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his wife, Quiana.

Sykes allegedly joked about sodomizing Quiana Pietrzak with a sex toy - in front of her hog-tied husband - and made "buzzing sounds," a detective has testified.

Pietrzak, 24, a Polish immigrant who grew up in Bensonhurst, and his 26-year-old wife were killed after the intruders burst into their Riverside County home.

Tyrone Miller and Kevin Cox, both 23, and 21-year-old Emrys John are also charged with murdering the newlyweds during the robbery.

The sadistic fiends discussed burning the Pietrzaks alive, but couldn't light a shirt on fire on the stove, police said. So they shot them both in the head.

Cops later found stolen jewelry, an ATM card and Pietrzak's dress uniform in the accused Marines' rooms at the Camp Pendleton military base.

[“Marine accused in B'klyn officer torture-murder case yanked for psych eval after court urination,” by Corky Siemaszko, Daily News, February 4th, 2011.]
A poll accompanying Siemaszko’s blog asked, “Do you really think he's crazy?” The results were heartening:

Yes, no sane person would do that. 10%
No, he's faking it. 78%
I'd need more details to know. 12%
Contradicting its usual practice, the Daily News did not reveal how many readers responded to its poll.

The News had not run a timely story on this development, and Siemaszko gave no indication that he was working the phones back in New York. Since Siemaszko neglected to attribute his source, I do not know whether it was based on the reporting of Tammy J. McCoy, in the January 28 North County Times, Peter Surowski in the January 31 Temecula Patch, or Sarah Burge, in the February 1 Press-Enterprise.

For all the yeoman labors by local reporters in California, as far as the courts and the national MSM are concerned, unfortunately this is just another court case involving forgotten victims and protected minorities in … The Diversity Zone.

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[Thanks to my legman, David in TN.]


Anonymous said...

I believe all these guys are disturbed to some degree, but not insane!! Who would go rob their boss and expect to go to work the next day and get away with it? Nobody in their right mind, unless they went there to rob AND murder him and his wife!! I hope the death penalty is imposed when they are found guilty!!

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i went to school with emrys. we graduated in 2007. he didnt seem crazy then, wow. just shocked.

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nhope they get flogged in jail. then death

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Why Mr. President didn't say "It could be me" or "It could be my daughter or wife" in this case? Is he racist? He should be the President of all of us, no matter which color we are...

Anonymous said...

To bad emrys was truly a great young man im sorry for him i love him like a brother but you have to pay the price for your actions God bless you and in christ i pray you are found worthy of the kingdom.