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White Tennessee Woman, Lindsey Lowe, Gave Birth to Twin Boys—and Then Murdered Them


The face of evil.


By Nicholas Stix

You would have known that Lindsey Lowe—not to be confused with Hollywood role model Lindsey Lohan—was white, even if news editors hadn’t made a point of publishing big, close-up photos of her face, because if she had been any other race, the national MSM would have covered up the story. As everyone knows, only white "moms" murder their kids.

Lowe, 25, who lived in with her parents in Hendersonville, Tennessee, somehow managed to hide the fact that she was pregnant with twins, gave birth to them while sitting on the toilet at home, letting each newborn first slide into the toilet, before pulling him out, and smothering him to death, by putting her hand across his little face.

Lowe’s story is that she covered the baby boys’ faces, so that her parents wouldn’t hear them cry. Whatever. Every killer has a story.

Note that Tennessee has a safe haven law, which means that Lowe could have dropped off the babies at any of a number of public institutions—hospitals, police stations—no questions asked.

I think it’s obscene that the AP keeps referring to Lowe as a “mom” and a “mother.” This is apparently to soften readers’ feelings towards her. Her only act as a “mom” was to murder her newborn sons.

The case carries the potential for the death penalty, but she won’t get it. The murderer’s lawyer, John Pellegrin, is already warming up his “crazy card” defense.

Besides, what murderous “mother” ever gets served with justice?

When lawyer Joel Steinberg beat the little girl, Lisa, whom he had illegally adopted, to death in 1988, white feminists treated Steinberg’s live-in lover, Hedda Nussbaum, as if she, and not Lisa, were the victim. Not only did Nussbaum not do any time, but rich white feminists paid tens of thousands of dollars to have her treated in the fanciest little boutique psychiatric hospital out in the country, and got her drug addiction cleaned up.

Of course, feminists hate children, so what did they care about litte Lisa? You know what feminists call unborn children in the womb? “Trespassers” (Allison Jagger).

The feminists’ rationalization du jour was that, because Steinberg had beat the hell out of Nussbaum, too, that she was as much a victim as Lisa. Of course, to them, all women are victims of men. But if all women are incapable of taking responsibility for protecting children, how can they be entrusted with their care?

At the time, I was working with abused and neglected children as a foster-care worker. I was tight with my work partner, a high yalla woman named Pam, who had adopted three black boys. (Pam was married to a black cop.)

Pam’s attitude was that if you’re a mother, then it’s your duty to die, if necessary, to save your child.

This was not blather. Pam was a very sweet lady, and I emphasize lady, the diametric opposite of the stereotypical, loud, aggressive, black New York City woman.

Anyhow, Pam’s position was that Nussbaum should have been prosecuted, which never happened. But Pam sure left her mark on me.

After all, what person does society have a right to expect the highest regard for a child’s welfare? And what person is given almost godly power over a child’s welfare, as opposed to the child’s father, who is routinely treated as a non-entity by the courts? Thus, a mother should be punished more severely for murdering her children than a stranger should. That in practice the opposite typically occurs, is yet another of the blessings of feminism, the gift that, like genital herpes, keeps on giving.

Note that none of the monstrous black mothers I worked with ever did any jail time for child abuse, either, and their abuse was at times very active, all the way up to murder.

The one killer was never so much as prosecuted. One of her three sons “died under mysterious circumstances.” His twin brother was placed in care after the mother was spotted violently shaking him on the street when he was three or four years old. She eventually surrendered him to his paternal grandparents in New Jersey. Note that killer mom was very polite, worked hard as bank teller, and was not, to my knowledge, a drug abuser. The two children she got back, a boy of about eight and a girl of four or five, were very polite and attractive.

I never heard anything about those kids, and can only hope they survived life with mom.

There is a deep human desire to engage in punishment, and that desire will not be thwarted. The best we can hope for is to exact vengeance against evildoers. But if people are unable to punish the guilty, then they will punish the innocent.


Lindsey Lowe, Tenn. Mom, Confesses To Smothering Newborn Twins
By Travis Loller
AP/Huffington Post
September 15, 2011, 9:26 p.m.

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. -- A young mother charged with murder has told police she hid her pregnancy, gave birth to twin sons at her family’s home and killed the infants by smothering their cries so her parents wouldn’t hear them.
Police in the Nashville suburb of Hendersonville arrested Lindsey Lowe, 25, on Wednesday after her father discovered one baby’s body in a laundry basket.

According to a police affidavit, the young mother said she didn’t tell her family she was pregnant, but believes she got pregnant in January and never visited a doctor. Police said on Thursday they were trying to identify the father of the twins.
Police said they interviewed Lowe who said she went into labor Monday evening while on the toilet at her parent’s home. She said the first baby fell into the toilet and began to cry.

“Lowe stated that the baby was crying and Lowe did not want her parents to hear and find out about the child,” police wrote in the affidavit. “Lowe stated that she put her hand over the child’s mouth and she stated that she kept it there until the child was dead, which was a couple of minutes.” Lowe said she never checked the sex of the child.

A few minutes later, the affidavit says, she gave birth to the second child, who also fell in the toilet. She again put her hand over the baby’s mouth and held it there until the baby died, which she said took less time than the first child. She put both babies in the laundry basket and covered them up with blankets.

Police said both boys appeared to be full term and weighing about 5 or 6 pounds.
Lowe, who works at a pediatric dentist’s office, was charged with first-degree murder and remained in jail Thursday with no bond. Police said she is undergoing a medical evaluation.

Police Lt. Scott Ryan said Thursday that he didn’t know how she hid the pregnancy, just saying that she didn’t tell anyone. He would not say whether Lowe was helping them to identify the father.

Ryan said women with unwanted pregnancies have several options, including a safe haven law that allows newborns to be dropped off at places like hospitals and police stations.

“No matter how bleak the outlook may be for you, let someone help you out,” Ryan said.

Someone answered a call by The Associated Press to Lowe’s father but hung up when asked for comment.

Senior Pastor at City Road Chapel United Methodist Church Ron Lowery said he got a call from Lowe’s parents on Wednesday to come to the house for support during the police investigation. He said Lindsey and her sister grew up in the church and were regularly involved in youth activities.

On Thursday, he said the family was stable and was figuring out what to do next.
“It’s amazing how we somehow have the ability to cope even in life’s worst disasters,” Lowery said.

As to why Lindsey was so desperate to hide the pregnancy, Lowery said, “It’s a mystery to everybody.”

Tennessee Mom Charged With Killing Newborns on Suicide Watch
Published September 17, 2011
Associated Press/Fox News

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn.-- A Middle Tennessee mother charged in the death of her newborn twins has been placed on suicide watch, and her lawyer says she has been given medication for her mental state while in jail.

Lindsey Lowe, 25, was arrested Wednesday and is being held without bond after police say she smothered her two sons minutes after giving birth to them at her family’s home in Hendersonville, just north of Nashville.

WSMV-TV reports that authorities are concerned about her and have placed her on suicide watch while she is being held in jail in Sumner County.

Police have said that Lowe hid her pregnancy from her family and never visited a doctor.

According to a police affidavit, Lowe told police she held her hands over the babies’ mouths until they died because she didn’t want her parents to hear their cries and then hid them in a laundry basket. Her father called police after finding the body of one of the babies on Wednesday.

Police have not identified the babies’ father.

Attorney John Pellegrin is representing 25-year-old Lowe. Pellegrin said Lowe had been depressed and had isolated herself from her family shortly before giving birth.

“I think she told her family that she was ill, and sort of confined herself to her room for a while,” Pellegrin said. He said Lowe is being given medication for her mental state.

District Attorney General Ray Whitley said he will argue during a Monday bond hearing that Lowe should remain in jail and that there is potential for the death penalty in this case. She has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

“This case does carry the potential for the death penalty, but that’s a decision that will be decided down the line,” he said. “There are an awful lot of factors that enter into that decision, so it’s not something we’re concerned with at this point.”

Police were unable to say how Lowe hid the fact that she was pregnant with twins from everyone who knew her.

“I think everyone wonders that,” Pellegrin said. “She was a little heavy but not obese, and that’s a question that family and friends were concerned about -- the weight gain that she had -- but no one apparently knew she was pregnant.”

The bodies of the twins were taken to the state medical examiner’s office, but autopsies have not been completed.

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