Saturday, September 24, 2011

“No More Deaths’” Real Mission? No More Border Patrol; Reconquista Group Complains about Atrocities Such as Border Patrol Officers Failing to Return

Illegal Human Beings’ Shoelaces


"No More Deaths" Report—Much Ado About Nothing
By Federale
September 24, 2011

The war against immigration enforcement continues. No More Deaths, an organization with the explicit mission of ending immigration law enforcement has published a report created by its own interviewers of sad tales of depravity committed against illegal aliens by Border Patrol Agents. The litany of complaints is itself laughable, as not returning shoe laces is one of the major concerns reported by illegal aliens….

Federale then goes through the reconquistas’ complaints, which are in a few cases ridiculously petty, and in most others purely fictional.

Our findings include the following:

• Border Patrol agents denied food to 2,981 people and gave insufficient food to 11,384 people. Only 20 percent of people in custody for more than two days received a meal.

• Agents denied water to 863 people and gave insufficient access to water to 1,402 additional people. Children were more likely than adults to be denied water or given insufficient water. Many of those denied water by Border Patrol were already suffering from moderate to severe dehydration at the time they were apprehended.

• Physical abuse was reported by 10 percent of interviewees, including teens and children. The longer people were held in custody, the more likely they were to experience physical abuse.

• Of the 433 incidents in which emergency medical treatment or medications were needed, Border Patrol provided access to care in only 59 cases—86 percent were deported without necessary medical treatment.

• The most commonly reported forms of inhumane processing center conditions were overcrowding (5,763 reports), followed by unsanitary conditions (3,107), extreme cold (2,922), and extreme heat (2,349).

• We recorded 2,926 incidents of failure to return personal belongings: 398 cases of failure to return shoes or shoelaces, 211 cases of failure to return money, 201 cases of failure to return identification, 191 cases of failure to return important documents, and 125 cases where no personal belongings were returned at all. People deported without money or key personal belongings are at heightened risk of exploitation and physical harm.

What they don't tell you is that the Border Patrol does not hold aliens for any longer than that time necessary to process an arrest then relocate the arrestee to Mexico….

See Federale’s blockbuster report, “Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty: Impeachment is the Only Answer.”

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