Monday, September 26, 2011

Brittney Watts Murder/Atlanta Midtown Shootings Update


Atlanta murder victim Brittney Watts.


Shooting victim Lauren Garcia as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia's Grady College, from which she had just graduated.


By David in TN

Lauren Garcia, one of the three women shot in Atlanta in July, left the hospital on Thursday. Miss Garcia has a job offer and is a bride-to-be. Unfortunately, she is now a paraplegic.

Shooting victim Tiffany Ferenczy.

This September 22 WSB TV story calls the shooting “a random outburst of violence”—surprise, surprise—adding, “Investigators don't think he targeted any of his victims.”

This is not a parody.

Fellow UGA grad Brittney Watts was killed. Garcia’s co-worker Tiffany Ferenczy, was shot in the ankle, and returned to work the next week.


Brittney and Brian Watts had been married for less than 1,000 days, and had not yet had any children.


Defendant Nkosi Thandiwe.


The “alleged” gunman, Nkosi Thandiwe, was a security guard at the Proscenium building where the three women worked. Shortly after noon July 15, Thandiwe “allegedly” shot Watts, and took her Toyota Prius and fled. As the gunman left the parking garage, he “allegedly” fired several more shots, hitting Garcia and Ferenczy.

Atlanta PD Major Keith Meadows: Killer was "bold." (Background: Mayor Kasim Reed.)

News reports of several weeks ago indicated Thandiwe would have a court appearance on September 29, which is this Thursday. Whether it happens is to be determined.

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