Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Texas Reader Contrasts Two Executions

Texas media outlets have headlines this morning about the execution of an alleged white supremacist.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, about this execution [of cop-killer Troy Davis].


Are there whores in whorehouses?

Oh yeah, when those on the Left don't get their way, they resort to claims of controversy.

His death-penalty case was one of the most bitterly contested and controversial in Georgia history.

Black Run America (BRA)?



Anonymous said...

Last night I watched Anderson Cooper's coverage of the Troy Davis execution on CNN. Cooper was reasonably fair, everything considered, he had the mother of the victim on.

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN's in-house "legal expert," pointed out that the Davis case had been scrutinized more than almost any other death sentence and every judge, including all 9 supreme court justices, had let it stand. However, Toobin couldn't resist "the subject that is inseparable from the death penalty, the subject of race."

Toobin acknowledged that contrary to what is claimed, whites are sentenced to death more often than whites. Toobin then said, "People who murder white people are sentenced to death more often than people who murder black people," and that "blacks who murder whites are sentenced to death most of all, a significant fact about the death penalty."

Toobin, of course, doesn't put in in context. The death penalty is sought because of "aggravating factors" in the crime. For example, rape, torture, or robbery being part of the murder. Black on white murders usually have these aggaravators.

Do you think Toobin has heard of the Pearcy Massacre? Would you like to ask him why the death penalty was not sought for either defendant?

David In TN

Jack Grant said...

My Google searches didn't work out quite that way.

"white supremacist executed"
About 13,600,000 results

Davis executed
About 15,500,000

Davis executed for murder
About 23,300,000 results

You pays your money and takes your chances.