Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did Obama Just Float a Trial Balloon on Canceling the 2012 Election?

By Nicholas Stix

Last October, I wrote of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,”

If he can’t steal the 2012 election, he’ll declare a state of emergency. This man has no intention of voluntarily leaving office. And Republicans like Byron York still have no blessed idea whom they are dealing with.

Comes now the announcement from Democratic North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue, speaking to the Cary Rotary Club yesterday, calling for cancelling the next two Congressional elections.

You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things. I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that. The one good thing about Raleigh is that for so many years we worked across party lines. It's a little bit more contentious now but it's not impossible to try to do what's right in this state. You want people who don't worry about the next election.

Gov. Perdue immediately sought to backtrack, and the Raleigh News & Observer tried to help her, by reporting the story under the disingenuous headline, “Perdue jokes about suspending Congressional elections for two years,” but this was no joke.

(Audio added at 11:26 p.m., on September 28, 2011.)

The “Obamas” are totalitarian kleptocrats who think that butchers like Robert Mugabe are not monsters in human form, but heroes worth emulating. They are over 20-year-loing devotees of genocidal Black Liberation Theology. They are playing for keeps.

The “Obamas” intend on stealing the election via illegal aliens voting fraudulently, through using the New Black Panthers to violently intimidate (here and here) whites out of voting, through ineligible blacks voting illegally, through eligible blacks illegally voting multiple times (the Philadelphia Method), and through absentee ballot fraud. A couple of million illegal alien votes in close states like Texas and Florida could make all the difference.

But if they fear that those methods might fail, they will seek to either cancel the election, or nullify its results, impose a state of emergency, and impose martial law. And then the executions and mass expropriations will begin.


Sheila said...

I have been arguing this since before D'Won took office. I have repeatedly stated at various websites that he will never leave office willingly - all the perks, all the power, all the White taxpayers' money - and instead I read ludicrous retorts about him angling to run the U.N. or travel around giving speeches like Bill Clinton (or that he's bored or depressed). I also think the endless predictions of his certain loss in 2012 are mere wishful thinking. There will be fraud on a massive scale and wholesale White voter intimidation. Add to that enough social chaos caused by black mobs (and the inevitable sole White who attempts to stand up for himself) and there will be "extreme security measures for national security" instituted. My own husband scoffs at this, insisting that such actions would cause massive White armed resistance, and I respond that most Whites have been neutered. He disagrees, but I can see some doubt entering his mind. I would love to be wrong. I cannot think of a classic "conspiracy theory" I support, but I do not expect Obama to ever willingly leave office.

rjp said...

Calling to cancel the elections is treason.

Anonymous said...

Remember the quote from Sipsey Street Irregulars:

When democracy turns to tyranny, I still get to vote.

Gigolo said...

Democrats don't want voter id laws so they can commit voter fraud. Unions, blacks, browns may support canceling the elections, however there aren't enough of them to pull this type of coup off. Whites may be neutered in public but not in private,just look at the comments on racially charged news stories. Keeping the border porous and massive voter fraud are his best bet to stay in control.

Anonymous said...

The social contract is valid as long as the government keeps its side of the bargain. If Obama and/or his minions decide to not uphold this contract then the people are no longer obligated to keep their side of the contract.
Obama has already committed fraud on a massive scale. The courts see no need to call him on this. The courts must remember that they are part of the social contract also.