Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Illinois Reader Writes: Baloo Cartoon is No Joke

From Somewhere in the Land of Lincoln


NOT entirely unfounded. This author, Chittum, who has written the book Civil War II, says that a sure sign that such a war is forthcoming will be when somewhere in the U.S. a police officer is hired with arrest powers that is not able to speak any English.

The Border Patrol recently made a spectacle of going around to football games and rodeos and NASCAR races to try to recruit people for the Patrol and accepted 30,000 applications. Almost all were immediately thrown away, as the primary requisite for hiring was being able to speak fluent conversational Spanish.

NOT ONLY was that a requisite but when seeking applications, NONE of the persons submitting the forms had been told that. Again, perhaps less than 5% of those applications were even looked at, the rest just thrown away right, away. A big spectacle, just for stats.

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