Friday, September 23, 2011

Videos on Tulsa Hate Crime Murder of White Couple Carissa Horton, 18, and Ethan Nichols, 21, by “Remorseless” Blacks Darren Price and Jerard Davis,

Including Crime Scene Interview with Price Posing as a Passerby!

Murder victims Carissa Horton,18, and Ethan Nichols, 21.

Racist confessed murderer, Darren Price.


Racist confessed murderer, Jerard Davis.


The interview with Darren Price begins at 6:09.

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Thanks to oakwoodx88, who also provided the following transcript.

Tulsa homicide detectives release new details in Monday's double homicide of a young couple.

Police now say the victims, Ethan Nichols, 21, and his girlfriend, 18-year old ORU freshman Carissa Horton arrived at Hicks Park near 41st and Mingo around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday the 18th. Police believe the couple was walking around the trail when they were ambushed.

Police think Darren Price, 19, and Jerard Davis, 21, ambushed the couple to rob them, made them get on their knees and shot them execution style. Police say the suspects then ran off, discarding the couple's belongings along the way.

Court records show Davis also spells his name "Jerard."

Investigators say the suspects went back to the park around 11:30 Sunday night and took Nichols’ car and drove it to the nearby Salida Creek Apartments.

A couple walking their dogs found the bodies of Nichols and Horton just before 11 a.m. on Monday. Nichols' family had reported him missing, and gave police a description of his Grand Am. The family also told police they'd been getting text messages from Nichols' phone as late as 12:15 Monday morning.

Police planned to use a text message to lure the suspects into meeting to exchange money, and investigators also started searching the area near the park for Nichols' car. Police found the car at Salida Park Apartments, and set up surveillance. They say Price and an unrelated person got in the car later that day and took off; both were arrested after a short police chase.

Police say Price confessed to killing Nichols and Horton. The other person was released and has no knowledge of the crime. The investigation then led police to Jerard Davis.

Around 11:00 p.m. the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force, TPD Warrants and Homicide detectives went to arrest Davis at the Windsong Apartments, just down the block from Hicks Park. He ran from officers but was arrested.

Davis' arrest report shows police executed a search warrant and found a 9mm gun inside Davis' apartment. That gun match the 9mm shell casings found at the scene.

Police say when Davis and Price were arrested they showed no remorse.

"They are right where they need to be in this society. We need to warehouse them and that's where they need to be for the rest of their life. If there is any case for a death penalty case, this would be one of them," says Tulsa Police Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker.

Court records show Davis pleaded guilty and was given a deferred sentence in a 2009 auto theft. He failed to appear, and his charges were upgraded. He was released on bond, and was scheduled to be sentenced in November.

At this time, police say they are not looking for more suspects.


c23 said...

The Ned Flandersesque conservative Christian parents seem awfully eager to "forgive" the murderers.

Seeing this makes me think Nietzsche was right about Christianity.

The victims were Iowa natives, probably the sheltered products of home schooling or Christian schooling, and probably had no clue that two black men approaching you in the park at night are to be feared.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. All the politically correct speech of the perfidious main stream media will now change as whites become the hated minority instead of the hated majority. Poor poor put upon blacks take out their frustrations on the first whites they can get to. Oh well. Such is life. C'est la vie.

Anonymous said...


C'est la Kwa.

Anonymous said...

I am one of Carissa's best friends...and while yes she lived a christian life that is no reason for this to happen. It's not right at all. And her parents are eager to forgive because that is what they know to do! It doesn't make them wrong. It's something to look up to! They take "WWJD" to heart. unlike a lot of Christians out there.
I miss her and love her so much....

Anonymous said...

The moops were so stupid the kept the murder weapon and the stolen car. I'm glad Oklahoma had the cajones to use the death penalty because this was cold-blooded murder and the moops on the street have to be educated as to what happens when you rob and shoot people.