Friday, September 16, 2011

And We Should Care… Why? Poor Wittle Tenured Professors Don’t Have as Much Job Mobility as They Used to; Boo Hoo!

September 11, 2011

Fewer Paths for Faculty
With limited opportunities to move, many senior professors feel stuck
By Audrey Williams June
Chronicle of Higher Education

At some point in many professors' careers, they want to move.

They want to upgrade to a more-prestigious university, a bigger salary, and better facilities. Some professors want to go where research collaborations are more plentiful. Others want to get away from toxic politics in their current departments.

But in the wake of the recession, this once tried-and-true method of recasting an academic career now eludes many faculty members. Faculty mobility has been restricted as [cut off by CHE; to read the rest, you have to pay a fortune, unless you’re a tenured professor!].

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N.S. Most of these guys have never done an honest day’s work in their life, because they've always had adjuncts and TAs to do all the work for them. I know, because I was an adjunct, making ten cents on the dollar of what tenured profs made, and teaching more classes in a semester than they taught all year. And yet, do they complain! And they expected the adjuncts to listen to their complaints, and suck up to them. They hated me, because I complained to them all the time, and showed them no deference whatsoever! And why would I? They weren’t even any good at their fields. I used to go to conferences and read papers in different fields (philosophy, education, politics), and smack ‘em around.

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