Sunday, September 11, 2011

Victim’s Friend: Sudden Jihad Syndrome Killer Mohamed Dawod Had Mass Murder in Mind, but His Gun Jammed

By Nicholas Stix

Jihadi Killer, Mohamed Dawod.


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Update, 5:30 p.m., on September 11, 2011: Having since read legal documents pertaining to the case, I have determined that the victim's "unnamed friend," who was traveling with him, was Patrick Beeman.

When Mohamed Dawod shot Justin M. Hall in the back, killing him on Thursday, at the bus depot in Springfield, Missouri, Hall was standing in line with other passengers about to re-board the bus that was supposed to take them to St. Louis. Only Dawod had no intention of going to St Louis. His plan was to murder as many American non-Moslems in the line as possible.

But according to an unnamed friend of the victim, who was traveling with Hall, Dawod’s gun jammed, giving bystanders the opportunity to jump on the Moslem killer, wrestle him to the ground, and disarm and pummel him. The friend spoke to a reporter from TV station KSDK.

I know the guy was going to shoot everybody, but the gun jammed, by the grace of God. If the gun wouldn’t have jammed, it would’ve been a lot worse. [If] there wasn’t two brave people, there’s no telling what could have happened.

KSDK news reader Kay Quinn reported that the victim’s friend said, “Hall didn’t even know the shooter.”

The media continue referring to Dawod as an “Arizona man,” or “of Glendale, Arizona,” but the jihadi clearly is not an Arizonan, of Glendale, or America. However, the media have not seen fit to tell the public where Dawod is really from.

The media have reported that law enforcement—or should I say, sharia enforcement?—authorities have not yet reported the killer’s motive, but it is unlikely that they will ever honestly report it. We don’t need their expert assistance to figure out the killer’s motive, anyway. Law enforcement needs to lead, follow, or get out of the public’s way.

Dawod has been charged with First-Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action, and is being held without bond.


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