Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Racist Serena Williams, All White Tennis Umpires Look Alike, and are “Haters”; Williams Threatens White Umpire, Demands the Right to Break Rules

with Impunity; A White Player Acting That Way Would be Disqualified from the Tournament, and Suspended from the Tour

Williams threatened a different white umpire with violence during the 2009 U.S. Open, though she thinks the one she threatened this time was the same one.

Of course, it’s unthinkable for a white player to threaten an umpire, though, with the continued domination of Jim Snow culture, that is bound to come to pass, as well.

Well, Williams was raised by her screamingly racist father, Richard Williams, in that racial oasis, Compton, so what do you expect? But her endorsement money is safe, as long as she doesn’t murder anyone.

Since the story below appeared, Williams has been fined $2,000 for her outbursts.



Sun Sep 11 06:11pm EDT

She did it again: Serena Williams blows up in U.S. Open loss
By Chris Chase
Yahoo! Sports

Oh no, she did it again.

Mt. Serena erupted once more in defeat Sunday at the U.S. Open. This time it happened in the tournament final after chair umpire Eva Asderaki ruled that Serena's loud "come on!," which she yelled during what she thought was a forehand winner, had been shrieked before the point was over. Since it interrupted opponent Sam Stosur's attempt at a return, Asderaki properly awarded Stosur the point because of the "hindrance rule" that states a player can't verbally interfere with the opponent's points.

Stosur had already handed Serena Williams her first loss in a set at the U.S. Open. Serena was serving at 30-40 in the first game of the second when she hit the supposed winner and shrieked in approval. But she called out before the point was over, while Stosur was still make a futile attempt to get her racquet on the ball. Asderaki gave the point, and the early break that came with it, to the Australian.

Serena was understandably displeased, though she had no ground on which to stand. The call was obvious. Serena disagreed and became more incensed when she thought that the umpire, Asderaki, was the same official who was in the chair for her infamous 2009 blowup at the tournament. It wasn't.

"Aren't you the one who screwed me over last time here?" Serena asked after being told of the point penalty. "Yeah, you are." (Chris Chase: Asderaki and Louise Engzell don't look much alike except for the high ponytail.)

Serena stood and glared at Asderaki for a few seconds while the New York crowd roared in her defense. Stosur looked momentarily stunned. Serena went on to break Stosur to even the match and continued her diatribe against the umpire during the next two changeovers.

"A code violation because I expressed who I am? [N.S.: She’s referring to being black, not American.] We're in America last I checked. [“What a loser.”] Am I gonna get violated for a water? Really, don't even look at me. I promise you, don't look at me because I am not the one. Don't look my way." [...]

"If you ever see me walking down the hall, walk the other way. Because you're out of control. Totally out of control. You're a hater [N.S.: “Hater” is racist black code for “racist,” but is applied in practice to any non-black who refuses to submit to a black’s will.], you're unattractive inside. Who would do such a thing? And I never complain. Wow. What a loser.”

[N.S.: I added “What a loser,” after watching the tape.]

No, Serena has never been one to complain.

The same impotent U.S. Open officials who were bullied by men's players into moving the final because of rain and put a women's semifinal on a small court sat silent as Serena humiliated Asderaki. They said later that they'll review the incident. Just in time.

For an instant it looked like Serena would be invigorated by the incident. Stosur broke soon after and went to win 6-2, 6-3 in a stunning upset.

Serena was gracious as she greeted Stosur at the net following the loss and didn't dwell on the incident in post-match interviews. She didn't look up at Asderaski as she brushed past the chair without shaking the umpire's hand.


Anonymous said...

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I know of one group of endocrinologists who measured testosterone in African American women and European American women and found much higher levels of testosterone in the African Americans, but did, or would not, publish."


Anonymous said...

I have seen smaller rear ends on a tank than Serena Williams has.

Anonymous said...

a man in a womens tennis outfit. Freak of nature. Lets test testotorone to estrogen conversion, oh yea, its HGH,forgot cant touch this.

The Rush Blog said...

What in the fuck is up with Chris Chase, when it comes to Serena Williams? Is he part of some anti-Serena campaign that will result in her destruction? What the fuck is his problem?

What does he want from her? 24/7 perfect behavior? Fuck that shit! She's human, not a fucking automaton!

Anonymous said...

She is a gorilla thougj

Anonymous said...

No, she is not a gorilla. She is a rhino.