Friday, September 30, 2011

Eve Carson Murder Suspect Trial Date Set

Eve Carson: Her killers blew her pretty, white face off.

By David in TN

Eve Marie Carson was according to authorities, kidnapped, robbed, shot and left for dead on March 5, 2008. A November 28 trial date has been set for Lawrence Lovette.

Another suspect, Demario James Atwater, pled guilty to murder and several federal charges. Atwater is serving “two life sentences.”

Lovette is also one of two individuals charged with the January 18, 2008, murder of Abhijit Mahato, a Duke graduate student found dead in his off-campus apartment. A date hasn’t been set for this trial.

Since Lovette was 17 at the time, the death penalty is off the table. He faces a sentence of “life without parole.”

I have often seen TV talking heads (Lisa Bloom, to name one) declare that there is too much attention to “dead white girls” in the media. Eve Carson was a beautiful young white woman and student body president of the University of North Carolina, no less. The above is the only news item I found about the upcoming murder trial.

N.S.: David has explained in the past why the media devote so much attention to “dead white girls”: Because the vast majority of them are killed by heterosexual white men. Thus, the media can usually bank on a heterosexual white guy popping up as the killer, making the story racially safe. But black females are virtually always murdered by black men, making the coverage of such crimes racially dicey.

Note that although Lovette was arrested soon after Carson’s murder, he is not being brought to trial until over three years and eight months after the killing. The typical murder prosecution and, in the event of a guilty verdict, used to issue in an execution in two months or less. Today, defendants are not going to trial until years later, and the convicted are not being punished for as many as 22 years (Troy Davis) or, more often, never (e.g., Wesley Cook/Mumia Abu-Jamal).

At Jared Taylor’s behest, I began covering the Knoxville Horror case in March, 2007. Later, Peter Brimelow began commissioning articles from me on the case. Still, no one has been punished (as opposed to imprisoned) for the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. David and I may well both die of old age, waiting for justice in this particular case.

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