Friday, September 16, 2011

Censorship at the Houston Chronicle: “High court blocks [Censored] Houstonian’s execution”

By Nicholas Stix

My reader-researcher RC sent me a Chronicle link and the title, “High court blocks black Houstonian's execution.” But when I hit the link,, I got “Item not found,” at the Chronicle.

So, I punched in the title at Google, and got two returns, along with “768 related articles.”

Now, RC does not play around with titles, and certainly not with URLs. He’s all Joe Friday, with exact titles and ledes.

It turns out that the Houston Chronicle was embarrassed about its title, and sent it down the memory hole.

But if you check out the story with its new title, you’ll see that it’s all about race:

“High court blocks Houston killer's execution
Justices may review racial angle”

Remarks RC: I thought race was a social construct?

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