Monday, September 26, 2011

Really Effective Propaganda That Sought to Save Killer Troy Davis


Mark MacPhail, the man whom Troy Davis murdered, and whose face Davis' supporters do not want you to see.



No thanks to donkeysaddle.

It wasn’t Red Coles who “harassed” Larry Young, it was Troy Davis. And Davis didn’t “harass” Young, he pistol-whipped him. Davis murdered Officer Mark MacPhail, when MacPhail heard Young’s cries, and came to save him.

And then there’s the little matter of what Troy Davis had done prior to being driven to the strip where he murdered MacPhail. He had just shot a man named Michael Cooper in the face at a pool party in Savannah. How could this “documentary” have failed to mention that, if only to “refute” it? How about it, “donkeysaddle”?

Remember, the propagandist’s tools are omission, distortion, and outright lies.


“Back in 2008, When Troy Davis Cheated the Executioner a Second Time”; and

“The Boston Globe’s 2008 Attempt to Blackwash Case of Racist Cop-Killer Troy Davis.”

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