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Jared Taylor, the Secretariat of Race Thinkers


White Identity: What It Is and Why It Is Necessary from American Renaissance on Vimeo.

You can purchase a copy of White Identity here.

For those readers unfamiliar with him, Jared Taylor is the only living writer in America who has done more important work on race than yours truly. Of course, that’s like saying that Secretariat was the only horse faster than Twice a Prince that day 38 years ago at Belmont.

Since 1990, he has published the monthly magazine, American Renaissance, which has an associated Web site with a daily round-up of diversity-related news articles.

Jared wrote one masterpiece on race in America 20 years ago, Paved with Good Intentions. (I can no longer find it at the American Renaissance Web site, though Jared’s foundation, the New Century Foundation, has posted information on the book here. The book has apparently sold out for the moment at NCF/AR, but you can read it here.)

Circa 1998, when I got my hands on a used a copy of the original edition of Paved with Good Intentions, one of the reasons it became clear that this guy was the real deal was that I had researched and written on many cases that he discussed, and I found him to be dead-on in every case, whereas I would catch alleged journalists and scholars lying all the time.

Jared honored me by assigning me to review White Identity for the June issue of his magazine, American Renaissance. (As I’ve written more than once, I consider American Renaissance the gold standard for scholarship and journalism on race.)

He didn’t ask or even imply that I write a puff piece, and I didn’t. I wrote that White Identity is a work of staggering scholarship, but that I felt that it gave insufficient attention to black-on-white violence, and the genocidal ideologies that support it.

Although I haven’t asked him point-blank about this, my hunch is that since he had edited the second edition of his organization’s state-of-the-art study on race and crime, The Color of Crime, in 2005, that he thought that there was no need for him to devote the limited space of a 342-page book to that topic. Based on his avoidance of using the classic guest articles he had published in his magazine as references supporting his position, and instead relying on material from inferior but respectable “mainstream” journalistic and academic sources, I also suspect that he was seeking to protect himself from critics who would otherwise charge him with insufficient scholarly rigor. Of course, that mistakenly assumed that his critics would read his book before condemning it, and that they had any intellectual integrity. What happened was that whereas the mainstream media had devoted serious reviews to Paved with Good Intentions, in the intervening 20 years, their moral collapse was such that they refused to review, or so much as acknowledge the publication of White Identity.

Jared is a 19th century gentleman and scholar living among 21st century swine. He would never say that, but someone needs to (and damn the prepositions!).

I also wrote that I thought that in explaining racial conflict, Jared put too much emphasis on biological motives, and not enough on political ones, in the broadest sense. He was puzzled by that difference of opinion, but its source isn’t really puzzling at all: He’s a Darwinist, and I’m not.

If, as most people nowadays claim to be, you’re a Darwinist, you’ll consider me an anti-scientific troglodyte, and agree with Jared on the biological basis of racial conflict.

That aside, unless you have devoted years of study to the history of racial thought, you’re likely to find much of White Identity shocking. That is because over the past 57 or so years, the government and the media have waged a massive, coercive, counterfactual campaign, to turn everything that was once known about race on its head; to hide, destroy, or defame scholarship telling the truth; and to persecute anyone who honestly reports on the social, intellectual, and scientific history of race in America.

If you purchase one non-fiction book this year, this is the one to buy.


Jared Taylor at the Belmont Stakes, 1973


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