Tuesday, September 13, 2011

News of McDonald’s Beating Sentence

Victim Christopher Lee (aka “Chrissy”) Polis.


Convicted McDonald's attacker, Teonna Monae Brown.

By David in TN

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“The Reality of McDonald's 365Black Policy: Non-Hate Crime in a Baltimore County McDonald's”; and

“Baltimore County McDonald’s Attack Verdict: It’s O.K. to Brutally Assault Whites, as Long as They are Not Homosexuals.”]

As of 3:45 pm ET, a Google search reveals 24 news stories about the sentencing in the McDonald’s beating. Most are from the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area. One was in the New York Daily News.

The theme of virtually each story was ‘transgendered people are not getting justice and we are changing that.’

As I predicted in April, the adult perpetrator is getting a longer sentence than if she had beaten a normal white woman.

N.S.: Teonna Monae Brown, the convicted adult attacker of Christopher Lee (aka “Chrissy”) Polis, was charged in a similar gang attack with two crime partners less than one year earlier at the same McDonald’s, against 38-year-old Danielle K. Dower, and one of Dower’s daughters. While the failure of management to permanently ban Brown from the premises shows that something was very wrong with that franchise before the attack on Polis, note that the earlier case was “disappeared.” As blogger Sandra Rose wrote in April,

A judge later dropped the two misdemeanor assault charges against Brown for unspecified reasons.

Apparently, Danielle Dower and her daughter’s mistake was in not claiming to be homosexuals.

Given Teonna Monae Brown’s history, one may look askance at her stated desire, in court, to apologize to her latest victim.

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Gemeni said...

Ok, I think I need a screen name or something on here since I've commented 4 times in the last hour.

As a gay man, I completely disagree with hate crime legislation of any kind. Any violent crime is hateful no matter who it's to. Honestly I don't give a shit the color of someone's skin when it comes to this crime.

But I do find it offensive that they would get a harsher punishment because the person was LGBT. That is complete bullshit, and needs to change.