Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Statue of Martin Luther King Jr., the Greatest Human Being in the History of the World, Has been Completed


A Stone of Hell


Are they going to have prayer mats or pews set up for the worshipers?

Thanks, er, I guess, to reader-researcher RC.


Anonymous said...

Well, Nicholas, he's only been dead for 43 years. Progress comes slowly.

I object to the fact that the stone is WHITE. Should be made from anthracite.

Michael Luther King (real name) is the only person I've ever heard of who, while having extramarital sex during his career as an ordained minister shouted joyfully to his partner that heas was, F***ing for God!"

Annoyed In Illinois

Anonymous said...

That's a mighty white looking statue.

Old Rebel said...

You forgot to mention that the King family charged $800,000 for the use of MLK's image and quotes.

Nicholas said...

Old Rebel,

I didn’t mention it, because I didn’t know it!

I am constantly finding new proof that the Kings are the greediest family in America, and that includes the late widow King.

Never in my life have I heard of a gang that, whenever a public institution or agency wants to honor their head, demands to be paid a fortune. Want his papers? Pay us millions! Want a memorial center? Pay us millions! Want a statue? Pay us millions! (Alright, they “settled” for a measly $800,000.)

In the past, ex-presidents donated their papers to collections, and heroes’ descendants were honored that their ancestors were memorialized. It would never have crossed anyone’s mind to shake down the taxpayers.

I guarantee you that most taxpayers in this country have no idea that they paid the Kings $800,000 for this monument to greed, let alone that they have paid, and continue to pay, millions to this crew of shakedown artists.

The Kings believe that the taxpayers “owe” them this—where have I heard that before?—for King’s “sacrifice.” First of all, hundreds of thousands of American men have made real sacrifices for this country, in uniform, without their families going welfare on us. Of equal importance is that King made no sacrifice on behalf of this country; rather, he dedicated his life to destroying it. And he did a pretty good job.

NiviusVir said...

I'm sure the NAACP will be complaining that it's not nearly tall enough. Also, it will certainly be offensive to them that it's white.

Anonymous said...

The sculptor is Chinese and the statue is being criticized. Are there no African-American sculptors?