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The Rape of Lady Justice: Patrician DA and the Central Park Jogger Case

By Nicholas Stix
December 16, 2002
Toogood Reports

December 5, 2002 is a date that shall live in infamy. On that day, Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau issued “get-out-of-jail-free” cards to all of New York City’s young black thugs. In response, we can expect even more brazen racial attacks on whites, and an increase in whites leaving the city to protect themselves and their loved ones.

On December 5, Morgenthau submitted a work of legal fiction disguised as a brief, to New York State Supreme Court Judge Charles Tejada, calling for the convictions of Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam and Kharey Wise in the “Central Park Jogger Case” to be vacated. The brief could as well have been authored by the five men’s black supremacist supporters. (The brief was actually written by assistant district attorney Nancy E. Ryan, but Ryan wrote it in Morgenthau’s name.)

The April 19, 1989 attack was one of the most shocking in the City’s history. Over thirty boys, most of them black (the others were Hispanic), had taken the subway to Central Park, with the sole purpose of assaulting, robbing, and generally terrorizing white New Yorkers. In the park, the boys broke up into three different groups, attacking joggers and cyclists, in addition to the 105-pound investment banker who came to be known as the Central Park Jogger. According to Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yusuf Salaam and Kharey Wise’s own admissions, they chased down The Jogger, hit her in the head and the ribs with a metal pipe and with rocks, and beat her all over her body with their hands and feet, dragged her 200 feet from the jogging path she’d been on, pulled off her clothes, tied her up with articles of her clothing, and raped her.

The victim was – and still is – known to whites as The Jogger. In New York (and not just New York), it is common journalistic practice to refuse to publish or announce the names of rape victims, unless they voluntarily reveal their identities. The Jogger was known to black, and to a lesser degree, Hispanic New Yorkers, as “Whore!,” “Slut!,” and by her real name, -------- M----. New York’s black newspapers, Harlem’s Amsterdam News and Brooklyn’s (since defunct) City Sun, which did not reveal the names of black or Hispanic rape victims, named the white victim repeatedly in every one of the dozens upon dozens of stories they ran on the case. The newspapers treated the confessed attackers, particularly Yusef Salaam (who did not formally confess but who admitted to hitting the Jogger in the head and ribs with a metal pipe), as a strange combination of victims and heroes. On a live broadcast of the Donahue show, a young black man stood up and smugly announced, “How come everybody knows Tawana Brawley’s name, but no one knows the name of -------- M----, the Central Park Jogger?” (This outrage was edited out of the West Coast version of the show.)

How about, because The Jogger was a rape victim, while Brawley was a fraud and (already at the “tender age” of 15) publicity hound who had not been raped by anyone?

And every time The Jogger appeared at court for the two 1990 trials in her case (the boys were separated into two groups), the boys’ supporters shouted at her, “Whore!,” “Slut!,” and “The boyfriend did it!” The reference to The Jogger’s boyfriend was due to her having had semen in her body from her boyfriend and from one of the rapists (which turned out to be from recently confessed rapist Matias Reyes).

What kind of racial insanity ignores confessions by four defendants and self-incriminating statements by a fifth, and jumps from the knowledge that a woman has her boyfriend’s semen in her, to saying that the boyfriend raped and almost murdered her in a public place? Mind you, this is the same cast of characters that “convinced” Robert Morgenthau to call for vacating the convictions of the five men.

Oddly enough, in 1990, Jerry Nachman, then the news chief at New York’s CBS affiliate, told a print reporter that the point of not revealing The Jogger’s name was so that she could shop at Bloomingdale’s, without the clerk serving her knowing who she was. Oddly, since because many if not most of the clerks at New York’s poshest stores, then as now, were black women, the clerk likely would have known exactly who her customer was.

Every time you hear a black supporter claim the five men were “framed” and were “innocent,” think of the O.J. Simpson case, which the Jogger case predated by five years. In both cases, the word “innocent” didn’t mean that the supporter thought the accused had not committed the act, only that he did not consider it a crime for a black to assault, maim, rape or murder a white. Indeed, black supremacists consider such acts the stuff of heroism. Similarly, the claim that a black male was “framed” for attacking a white, translates as “They have to keep their hands off our men,” no matter what havoc those men have wreaked. Much of black supremacist literature by such lights as Frances Cress Welsing and Amos N. Wilson, consists of rationalizations for black genocide against whites.

The most prominent of the black supremacists leading the charge for the Central Park defendants is New York City Councilman Bill Perkins. In 1989, Perkins, then a tenant organizer, told every journalist who would listen – and they all listened – that the crimes in Central Park had nothing at all to do with race. To show how little Perkins’ racism has hurt him politically, he is the New York City Council’s deputy majority leader. White socialist politicians inexplicably consider black supremacists leftists.

Black supremacism penetrates all the way to the defendants’ defense team. One of the defense lawyers, Roger Wareham, is a member of the supremacist “December 12th Movement.” (One of the founders of the December 12th movement is Brooklyn gangster Sonny Carson, a convicted kidnapper who has fought – largely successfully – since the 1960s, to run all white teachers out of predominantly black public schools, and who during the 1980s and early 1990s, sought to run all Korean produce markets out of black Brooklyn neighborhoods. A few years ago, Carson called on New York blacks to assassinate white police officers.)

The New York media refused to report on the racial nature of the crimes, or the black media campaign vilifying the victim, and barely reported on the viciousness of the five boys’ supporters and relatives. (A family member of Kevin Richardson harassed and made terrorist threats against lead prosecutor Elizabeth Lederer on the street, and assaulted journalists, yet got off scot-free.)

The first time around, in 1989, we learned that when the boys were initially arrested, they were joking and laughing and singing and flirting with female officers while in custody. Some boys even “confessed” to having murdered the Jogger, not knowing she had survived. (The woman lay in a coma for 12 days, as New Yorkers prayed for her survival, with Morgenthau’s prosecutors initially expecting to pursue a murder prosecution.)

In recent months, the New York media, with the exception of the New York Post, jumped on the black supremacist bandwagon working for the convictions to be overturned. Once Morgenthau announced his decision, the local media immediately pronounced the five men “cleared,” and spoke of “the wrong men” having been convicted, ignoring the fact that the vacating of a conviction does not mean that the originally convicted person is innocent. A New York Newsday headline read, “Long Time Coming.” The five are already being feted by many – but not all – local blacks as hero/victims, and will soon seek to score multimillion-dollar lawsuits against the City, i.e., the predominantly white tax base.

Although Judge Charles Tejada was to officially rule on Robert Morgenthau’s brief on February 6, that is apparently a mere formality, and the judge will not even wait that long. Days after receiving the Morgenthau “brief,” the judge moved up the date to January 6, and then intimated that he would rule within days. The decision will probably have been announced by the time you read this.

With certain notable exceptions, like Carthage and Pompeii, cities don’t usually die. But they can flourish, and they can wither. New York has been withering for fifty years. Some people have said that the two-term mayoralty of Rudy Giuliani (1994-2001) restored New York’s bloom, but what Giuliani really did – along with a number of other pragmatic, big city mayors at the time – was engage in masterful impression management. He may have reduced crime and welfare somewhat – no one really knows – but he largely ran a massive shell game with both. In any event, between the 9/11-induced municipal recession and the 12/5-induced depression, anything Giuliani achieved has been washed away, like a sand castle at high tide.
Many people have said that 9/11 was the worst day in New York City’s history, and until now, I agreed with them. But led by a crisis-oriented mayor enjoying his finest hour, enough of the city responded heroically, to carry the rest and find redemption in disaster. But on 12/5, New York was attacked yet again, only this attack was carried out by one of its elected leaders, Robert Morgenthau. Mohammed Atta and his Al Qaeda compatriots were the enemy without; Morgenthau (but not just Morgenthau) is the enemy within. They attacked with guile and airliners; he attacked with treachery and “the law.”

The lesson in the ultimate disposition of the Central Park Jogger Case, is that crime pays. Black crime, at least.

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