Saturday, August 06, 2011

Philadelphia: Don’t Mess with Penny Chapman! Ridin’ the Bus in Killy

By Nicholas Stix
That Penny Chapman was even charged, may represent progress. In Seattle, when a black female called her sister’s black boyfriend, Keith David Brown, to come murder James Paroline, she wasn’t charged with any crime (“Three Race Murders in Seattle”). Of course, Paroline was white, while the targeted man, Lefenus Pickett, and the other Killadelphia bus riders in this video were all black. (I am not the one revealing Pickett’s name; the MSM had already done that.)

Back on March 3, I reported on The Boss’ experience of being caught in the middle of a gunfight the previous day in a black, Queens neighborhood. But that crime “never happened.” At a reader’s suggestion, I later called the local precinct and NYPD headquarters, and neither the local detective nor the press rep at One Police Plaza had seen or heard any report about the shootout.

There’s lots more here and here.

The Philadelphia defendants’ attorneys are arguing that since the shooters all missed, they are not guilty of any crimes. And they are, indeed, innocent of all charges … in The Diversity Zone.

A tip ‘o the do-rag to The Blaze.


Anonymous said...

Part 1

After spending an hour or so reading many articles on this site I must say, I feel little sympathy for many of the whites who have been screwed.

First off, probably all of them were exactly the kind of cowards who would join in the attacks against fellow whites when non-whites(no longer minorities at all anymore)were attacking them, sure not physically--but by lying and covering for them.

Whites need more beatings before things might change.

The only time a guy like me steps in to put a complete stop to the thugs is if children are involved. Then it's lights out.

Overall, your analysis has been pretty good except that you avoid putting the finger on those which were the genesis of this modern day mayhem we live in. I caught that right up front before I saw mention of it, then it all made sense.

See, you do point out why it's impossible for the races to live in a "diverse" society but you seem to believe that jews belong on the white rabbit team--and that is not the case.

Maybe you are one of the few jews who has guilt or fear for what the "tribe" has done in the creation of the current mess, but your attempts at damage control here to sway the minds of whites later to welcome you into our ranks for your protection just ain't gonna wash.

If we want to be honest with one another, let me spell it out. You and your kind can live among the mobs you brought in and agitated against us, did you think all of us were fooled?

Ever hear of the term NO QUARTER, well, if you haven't. look it up. When the sparks start to fly and you are running from the "colorful" mobs don't run towards us because you will have more to fear from us than who you are running from.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Please do not think that jews can play it off and hide their jewishness, many of us have been studying jewish recognition techniques for years : facial, genetic, body structure, mannerisms, etc. Not even jewish hybrids like Kate Hudson(1/4) or Scarlet Johanson(1/2) fool us, just to give a couple of examples.

There will be plenty of Christian zionist idiots like the followers of Hagee or Beck that will warmly let you into their ranks, but really, how long do you think that will last? Those types and their followers have VICTIM written all over their faces and will be like non white bait/attractant. Good luck with them. They will not only not fight, they will spread their cheeks so the criminals can ram them deeper.

As far as the relationship many jewish organizations have been grooming with Hispanics around the nation, LOL, I would advise you to tell your kin on how they have wasted their time and money in creating the brown golem; a golem that will turn on them as soon as things get ugly.

Apparently, typical jewish arrogance and the belief that since sephardic jews have been so successful in running and ruining their Latin American countries for so long that these Mexican types are easy marks.

It's so funny, most jewish groups gave up on the blacks as their weapon of choice back in the 60's when the blacks woke up to what the jews had done to them since the slave trade and then turned on their masters in waiting. Then jews expect that this same trick will work but instead with Mexicans, and other Latinos.

Well, the trick won't work because ashkenazi jews can't pass off as well as the darker skinned sephardic brothers with Hispanics.

To them you are the gringo enemy, and to us-you are the eternal jew.

Quite a pickle to be in, a kosher pickle.

Let me cut to the chase, give it up. The plan you have going here isn't going to work, people like me won't let it work, ever.

I am here to save white rabbits and make sure other white rabbits learn to recognize you pink rabbits among us and the miseries you have caused us.

I don't know what to tell you or where you should go except that Occupied Palestine is not yours and the Arabs will soon rise up against the current occupants Samson Option and all regardless.

I don't think the current inhabitants in your ancestral Turkic-Mongoloid homeland that was once Khazaria want, or could be forced, to take you back either(currently in the vicinity of Southern Georgia)

But amusingly enough, I did find a promised land for you and ironically enough it is called Georgia, more specifically, South Georgia Island-about 1,500 miles east of the Falkland Islands where you can be safe, and so can we, from you.

I don't know if penguin is or can be made kosher with the wave of a rabbis hand and don't care, but that is just one of the new gourmet options on the menu you can look forward to along with fish, island moss, seal, and seabirds.

So, I would start stocking up on some thermal underwear and warm clothes now. What other options do you have? No one wants you and no one will take you.

Anonymous said...

Near as I can tell, the earlier two part post is working to make some kind of point about Jews. Beside being largely off-topic, it is a good illustration of why consuming large amounts of blotter acid before arguing a point is just a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's s pretty long rant on hating jews. what the hell are you talking about? You eant jews to live in Georgia? this is about a bus in philly that makes black ppl look bad, dont even know if there was a jew on the bus. you make white people look even worse.

Anonymous said...

We no longer live in a world of color discrimination you stupid fucking moron . My neighbors are black, live good American lives. Its seems to me that people of color who never made anything out of this one life god gives you pull the race card more than anyone else. Get a job sir! racism is over. ps Im white.