Monday, August 15, 2011

Exclusive! Nkosi Thandiwe, Allied Barton Security Guard Charged with Murdering Brittney Watts was a High-Tech Stalker, Reports Atlanta Source;

Company Adopts Bunker Mentality
By Nicholas Stix

Brittney Watts’ accused killer, Nkosi Thandiwe, was working as a security guard, when he encountered the young advertising woman. Thandiwe manned a security console in the Atlanta building, 1170 Peachtree St. NE, in which Watts worked at 22squared, as a digital media supervisor. That allowed him to observe and communicate with elevator riders through a closed circuit TV (CCTV) camera and speaker system, which he used to stalk and eventually murder Watts.

That’s the story an Atlanta source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told this writer. The source contacted me after reading the first three blog items I’d published on the Watts murder. The source said that after the murder, Thandiwe’s employer, Allied Barton Security Services, reviewed the building’s security tapes, and discovered that Thandiwe had used the security system to surveil Watts when she rode the elevator. He had spoken to her at least once while she was riding alone in the elevator, and the day he murdered her, he had seen her coming down in the elevator on the CCTV, and left his station at the console, in order to hunt her down and kill her in the parking garage across the street.

I tried to get Allied Barton to confirm or deny the story, but instead, as so often happens when dealing with flacks, I got sandbagged instead.

I spoke on the telephone with Alan Stein, an Allied Barton VP, at the company’s main office near Pittsburgh, but Stein wanted me to apply for an interview, writing him, with my journalistic background. I told him that I’d been published by the (New York) Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, and dozens of other publications, which is true. He asked who I was writing this story for, and I said that I’d probably run the story at my blog.

He said he’d be away the next day (Friday), but that I should write him with my background.

Well, I’d already given him my background. Only twice in 28 years had a potential interview subject demanded that I apply for an interview. The other case was that of a pollster, following the 2004 presidential election,
when several networks considered throwing the presidential election for socialist John Kerry.

In late 2004, I actually started writing a long list of credits and a cover letter, before thinking: This is ridiculous. If the guy were serious about speaking to me, he would have done so, right then.

Back in the present, I’m running late one day, and Stein wanted a note, so I e-mailed him, as preparation for calling him the next day, repeating what I’d already told him, while adding another prestige credit, the weekly standard.

He immediately wrote back:

Please forward a sample of your published pieces from these publications Daily News, New York Post, NYPress, Weekly Standard, Newsday

Additionally, please forward the credentials for the publication you are writing this piece as well as a contact email for someone from the publication so I can validate that your writing for a credentialed source.

We receive a number of media requests and this is standard proceed.

Thank you,

Alan L. Stein
Vice President, Marketing & Sales Services
AlliedBarton Security Services

"A credentialed source"? What the heck is that? I've never heard of such a thing.

A typical interview only lasts a couple of minutes, and if the flack isn’t commenting, seconds. Even when the voice on the other end is cooperative, he usually only has a modest amount of information to give me. We’re not in Deep Throat territory. (And it can still take hours to transcribe a rapid-fire, two-minute interview.)

By the time I first spoke to Stein, he already knew what Allied Barton knew about Thandiwe and the crime, and knew the firm’s crisis PR strategy, because he’d helped formulate it.

If one checks out Allied Barton’s Web site, one finds … almost nothing. It is one of those contemporary, corporate Web sites that is designed to look nice, while providing almost no information, not even a flow chart or list of executives.

And after all, discretion is a byword in the security field, whether regarding one’s clients or one’s own corporate business.

Otherwise, the Brittney Watts case has gone under the radar. The only recent public development is the strategy that Thandiwe’s lawyer, Rickey Richardson, is pursuing of playing the “crazy card,” by requesting a psychiatric evaluation for his client. When an attorney plays the crazy card, he is admitting that his client committed the crime in question, because otherwise he simply pleas straight up, not guilty.

Maybe Stein will comment after reading this story.

You’ve got my telephone number and email, Mr. Stein.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow-up on this story. There hasn't been any news on the web for nearly a month.

The MSM is often criticized for focusing on "missing white girl stories" or for not paying attention to black victims. Well, we know why.

If black victims are shown, you have to have the perpetrator as well. Unfortunately, the perp will almost always be black. This is why you don't see that many black crime victims on the TV "crime" shows. An exception is A&E's "48 Hours."

As for the criticism of the emphasis on "white girl" crime victims, these too are selective. The perp (Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony, Joran Van Der Sloot, etc.) is always white.

In other words, these heavily-publicized cases usually have Tom Wolfe's Great White Defendant.

The Eve Carson murder was on the cable shows when the news broke, Nancy Grace's show, for example. My feeling is they thought (hoped) the perp was a rich white boyfriend. When the killers turned out to be two black street thugs, Nancy Grace never mentioned the story again.

The Lauren Burk murder was also reported on some cable shows, but the story was dropped after the perp was identified.

If Natalie Holloway had been carjacked and murdered in her native Birmingham, Alabama area (she lived in an affluent white suburb)by the Usual Suspects, how much national publicity would it have received?

The murder of Brittney Watts is a compelling story. An attractive young woman was murdered by a security guard who had surveilled her with electronic equipment. The suspect is from a politically connected family.

Do you think "Law & Order: SVU" will rip this one from the headlines?

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Most importantly. Don't let them get away with it! I knew it was a rejection type thing, he attempted and she of course rebuffed(as would any sensible white woman). I have noticed MSM whitewashing of crimes even when the perpetrators have to be black. like a visual of a pistol in a white hand and the crime occurs in East St. Louis or Detroit! And please sir continue to harass the PR man at his former employer. How wonderful, black man uses technology designed to help people to stalk and ultimately murder attractive well educated white woman. We have to stop pretending that they can integrate into our rapidly diminishing world without problems. The evidence against is appallingly contrary.

Nicholas said...

Dear Anon,

I hope something comes of this story, but I'm not chasing after that PR VP anymore.

submerged said...

Thank you for the follow up!

Here in Atlanta, nobody talks about her murder anymore, because now that we have moved forward toward the re-election of Negrobama and are seeing our NegMayor Kasim Reed getting so much national attention, we just can't afford to dredge up ancient history that should stay bygone.

Soon, we'll be past the APS cheating scandal, and working hard to rebuild and improve Atlanta's image and standing in the global community. We just don't need the racists to keep talking about an isolated and unfortunate incident that had nothing to do with race.

And every day, we see more and more White girls with black boyfriends and mulatto mongrel babies in Midtown. So really, nobody's that worried about interracial crime.

Literally, NOBODY ever talks about it anymore. A conspiracy of White Silence, even to the detriment of the very people who should talk about it most often- White Girls. NEVER have we heard any say, "I's sick and tired of it all. I'm getting a gun and learning how to use it."

Sometimes, Whites don't deserve our sympathy or concern. Let'em suffer. Good riddance.

recividistic tendencies said...

What did he say to her when contacting her over the security intercom in the elevator?

I assume she was alone when he did.

Did she report that as a strange incident, and one to raise concerns? I doubt she did.

Young Whites are so inculcated into the DIVERISTY IS OUR STRENGTH, that even if she felt uncomfortable at something out of the ordinary happening, she probably just responded to her school training: "If you feel uncomfortable around Diversity, you must take that as an occasion to search yourself for unacknowledged bias, prejudice, and racism. You must respond in appropriate ways that demonstrate ambition toward a more just society of Inclusion and Diversity."

Why are Whites more susceptible to the very abstractions that get us killed? Why are we curse with such high IQ's when we need lower ones that keep us focused on survival and racial interests?

Why are we so smart that we agree to allow our enemies to kill us as long as we die being called "a compassionate person who embraced all different kinds of people"?

White Humanity is bless with potential, cursed with circumstance. Our ancestors didn't send all the hideous blacks back to Afrique in 1865 after they had outlived their usefulness.

Are you prepared for the Diversity Curse when it sneaks up behind you in a parking lot?

A MOM said...

Of course that scum bag is going to try to use the "crazy card" cause he's trying to save his own skin. What about the 3 girls that were gunned down for stupid immature reasons! If he's so well educated & from a good family then why would he do such a horrible thing to these poor girls & their families? He threw his own life away at the same time. He had to know he would be caught (if he hadn't have turned himself in) and would face the rest of his life in prison if not put to death! His mother is a Lawyer & his dad an engineer. The 23 year old Lauren will never walk again! She had her whole life ahead of her! I hate guns & have never allowed them to be in my home because of so many kids finding them & end up hurting or killing themself or a brother, sister or friend. But I've changed my mind about that now!! Now I want a gun & I want to go to a shooting range to learn how to shot it so if a man (white or black or purple) comes into my home, or up to my car near my children I want to be able to protect my family! A man would have to kill me before I watch him rape or hurt my girls! But now I would have no problem shooting them in order to protect them. We as a nation are way to trusting of ppl these days! When their is so much evil in this world today!! Their are some sick ppl that prey on our children & women for SICK reasons & they won't stop until we stop them. Like the girl in Aruba, she was a 35 year old woman that I'm sure she thought she could take care of herself & look what that sick pervert did to her! We have to be smarter than going off w/a man they meet over the internet!! She didn't drown in shallow water, she was taken advantage of by a pervert! I hope he burns in HELL!! My prayers go out to her family as well as the 3 victims in the midtown shooting!

how to start security guard company said...

I hate guns, and never allow them in my home because so many children find that they end up hurting or killing themself or siblings or friends. But I have changed about, and now my mind! ! Now I want to go to a shooting range gun and I want to learn how to shot it, if a person into my family's white or black or purple, or to my car close to my children, I want to protect my family!

Anonymous said...

I live on 14th just two blocks south of that building where the shootings took place. I drove by there 15 minutes before it happened. I'm an ex cop and ex military and I carry (legally) all the time. God I wish I'd been there exactly when it happened. You wouldn't be waiting to get court updates!

Twin City Security Kansas City said...

I just stumbled this post and looking back at what happened it is really sad. It goes to show that security company should really do a strict background check on their applicants before hiring.