Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seattle Blacks Believe That They Can Resist Arrest, and Aid and Abet Those Resisting Arrest with Impunity Against White Policemen,

and That if the Officers Refuse to Submit to Them, the Officers are Racist, and Guilty of Violent Crimes

Most blacks in this country now believe that every black has a right to put his hand on every white, including policemen, but that it is illegal for any white, even a policeman, to ever, for any reason, lay a hand on any black. That is the real meaning behind the charge of “police brutality” that was ubiquitous in the 1960s and ‘70s, and which has since been forced to share sophistic space with “excessive force.”

RAW: Video of Monday's SPD incident
Posted on June 14, 2010 at 10:08 PM
Updated Monday, Jun 14 at 10:51 PM

Seattle Police say that punch came after an officer was assaulted. The incident happened Monday afternoon and was videotaped by a man who heard an argument and pulled out his camera.

Videotape shows SPD officer punching young woman

Police, community respond to video of SPD officer punching teen

Expert's review: Does SPD tape show excessive force?

Police, community leaders working to create respect between cops and teens

Jaywalking often escalates into out-of-control situation

[A tip ‘o the handcuffs to Nivius Vir.]


bitterly clinging to my white privilege said...

It goes further than you say.

Blacks attack White police officers to send a message to all of White Humanity:

"Your White Privilege days are soon over. Not even your White protection force is safe from us, so why do you think you will be safe, Whitey?"

When blacks assault White police, they are showing other blacks that assaulting White Humanity in general is the approved method of social change.

Black TSA government agents using their stinking black paws to fondle little White girls at the airport sends the message that in Negrobama Land, blacks can take anything away from Whites they want, especially the sacred right of Whites to not be touched by disgusting negroes.

This is all about White Privilege and how Whites must be taught that resisting the black assault on White Privilege is a hate crime.

Were you beaten by a black flash mob? If you resisted having some of your White Privilege beaten of you by blacks, you are guilty of a hate crime against social justice.

Did you call the cops? Hate crime.

The silver lining in all this violence is that when Whites are a minority in their own White Nation (formerly), they won't be surprised by how desperate their situation is. They saw it coming from long ago, like right now.

Transcend diversity, embrace Whiteness, beware and prepare, because you really do know what's coming next, you see it in your worst nightmares, and you are extremely right!

One day soon, your White daughter will come home from school and proudly show you the A+++ she earned on her Race, Class, and Gender essay entitled "Making White Babies is a Hate Crime against Global Dignity."

Anonymous said...

That is one courageous police officer.
Police have been murdered in much less dangerous circumstances, i.e. sitting in their squad cars, and many police officers have been fired and jailed for just trying to uphold the law that they get paid to defend. I was afraid for the officer just watching the video. Not a single person tried to help the police officer, all were shouting at the officer, or trying to help the thugs he was trying to arrest. Through the brave police officer's persistence he finally did effect the arrest.
Bravo to that faithful policeman.

Bill said...

What does King 5 mean by:

Seattle Police say that punch came after an officer was assaulted.

Any retard can see the assault on the police officer. It happened on camera in the clip they are providing. Maybe there was another, previous assault as well, but so what? So Seattle Police don't "say" an officer was assaulted, rather an officer was assaulted.

Anonymous said...

What eventually happened to those women? Conviction?

Nicholas said...

Sorry about the delay, Fed. I got distracted, and forgot all about this story.

The girl who was jaywalking and caused the initial commotion apparently got off scot-free. Her offense seems to have been “disappeared.” The girlfriend who shoved the officer, trying to free the jaywalker, as he was trying to handcuff the latter (assault/obstruction of justice/interference with governmental administration, take your pick) pleaded guilty to fourth degree assault, and was sentenced to one year of probation, and 80 hours of community service.

Heck, nowadays a black female has to either deal drugs or commit mass murder, before she sees any jail time.