Saturday, August 20, 2011

In Kansas City, MO, Racist Black Rioters Meet with Resistance: Three “Victims” Shot; Mayor Sly James Gets Curfew to Protect Rioters, Not Their Victims

By Nicholas Stix

Note that a racist black Yahoo News poster, using the handle “entropy,” has repeatedly insisted that there was no reason to believe that the rioters were black: “Where does it say anything about race in this article?” So, because the MSM suppress the race of the rioters, one may not conclude anything about their race.

In another of his many idiotic posts, Entropy plagiarizes a long passage from The Pretend Encyclopedia, aka Wikipedia, about real flash mobs, which he uses in place of the black race riots that the MSM deliberately mislabels “flash mobs,” in order to lie and say that flash mobs are a racist white practice.

… The first flash mob was created in Manhattan in May 2003, by Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper's Magazine. The first attempt was unsuccessful after the targeted retail store was tipped off about the plan for people to gather. Wasik avoided such problems during the second flash mob, which occurred on June 3, 2003, at Macy's department store, by sending participants to preliminary staging areas – in four prearranged Manhattan bars – where they received further instructions about the ultimate event and location just before the event began. GUESS WHAT RACISTS, WASIK IS WHITE.”

Why cite some racist black moron? Because in Jim Snow, racist black morons rule, and they do so because The New White Racists in institutions like the MSM act as muscle for them. One of the purposes of suppressing the truth about racist black rioters, is so that anyone who tells the truth about them can then be vilified.

Heck, on the strength of his Internet comments, “entropy” qualifies to be the “Class of 1943 University Professor at Princeton University.”

Kansas City sets youth curfew after weekend shooting
By Kevin Murphy | Reuters
August 18, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo (Reuters) - The weekend shooting of three teenagers at a large late-night "flash mob" gathering prompted local authorities to pass an ordinance on Thursday that sets curfews as early as 9 p.m. for people under age 18.

At the urging of Mayor Sly James, the Kansas City Council passed the ordinance 13-0, allowing police to issue citations to parents whose children violate the curfew. Parents can be fined up to $500 per violation.

Three youths aged 13 to 16 were injured by apparently random gunshots at about 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night in an upscale shopping and restaurant district called Country Club Plaza.

James was nearby when the shots rang out and says his bodyguards shoved him down into a flower bed to keep him safe.

There have been other so-called "flash mob" gatherings of youngsters in Kansas City in recent years, but the weekend shootings pushed the issue to the top of the council's agenda.

No arrests have been made in Saturday's incident and the shooting victims are recovering.

While the proposed curfew may not be popular, James said his message to youths is clear.

"I care enough about you that I want you to be safe," he said.

James noted that local police were present in the area both on foot and horseback on Saturday when shots were fired. James also said he had been present in the area that night specifically to observe the gatherings.

Local community leaders have been critical of parents who allow children as young as 10 years old to roam around late at night. James said he spoke Saturday night with one 13-year-old girl he described as well-spoken and bright.

"She had no idea when her mother was going to pick her up," James said.

Passage of an ordinance so quickly is unusual, but council members said they had feared a repeat of potentially dangerous gatherings this weekend.

"It's important we send a swift and bold message to parents that your kids should be home," said City Councilwoman Cindy Circo.

A curfew of 9 p.m. will apply from late May through September in five Kansas City entertainment areas. Elsewhere in the city, the curfew will be 10 p.m. for children 15 and under and 11 p.m. for those 16 and 17.

At other times of the year, the curfew will be 11 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on weekends for everyone under age 18.

(Editing by Peter Bohan)

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this one.]


jeigheff said...

I'm probably not the only one who feels frustrated at the lack of information in this report (although we all know Nicholas would provide it if it was available.) But what exactly were the three rioters doing when they got shot? Who shot them? How did the rest of the rioters react when three of them got hit?

It's very interesting to me that this incident happened while the mayor was present, along with police. The young black rioters must be operating with a very strong sense of impunity.

I'd also like to hear some hospital bed testimonies from the three wounded thugs. Their comments might not be very truthful, but I'd still like to see if any of these louts dare to go public with what they were doing when they were "randomly" shot.

If the shooter or shooters who did this were defending themselves or their loved ones, and if they're found out, I pray they don't get crucified.

Linked to the Future said...

"So, because the MSM suppress the race of the rioters, one may not conclude anything about their race."

The most durable obstacle to total enslavement and genocide of White Humanity is that last thin like of Prejudice that a just enough of us have left to make a difference.

Our hatemonger enemies know this, and that's why Prejudice is the most hated essence of nature on the plant. It keeps White folks alive, and therefore they will demand that everyone agree that it is the most virulent, toxic manifestation of the Nazism that resides deep in the hearts of all healthy White people.

Whenever a bomb goes off, MSM runs to the nearest Muslim and asks for their expert opinion on the dangers of people paying too much attention to the incident. You hear the pathos ridden and fearful Muslim say "We can't rush to judgment," or "You shouldn't jump to conclusions."

In other words, you must not prejudge that a bomb might have been set off by those who have expressed the greatest desire to bomb us, and have been most successful at it.

You must wait until you are told the approved facts by MSM, and then you must not comment until you are told how to interpret the facts in a way that gives the most possible legitimacy to the bombers, and the most condescension to those Whiteys who guess right all along.

"As bad as this tragedy was, it would be a worse if our enriching Diversity became the next casualty."

Same MSM trick with race. Just because afrovoodoo flash mobs are now an American epidemic, if you don't know the race of the latest mob "you may not conclude" anything about race.

Somewhere, there is some Law written onto our hearts by the big black finger of Messiah MLK that reads "Thou Shalt Not" rush to judgment, jump to conclusions, or prejudge with prejudice that those who are acting in the most visible black fashion of the day might really be blacks.

"Thou Must Wait" for us to tell you that these "youths" come from troubled, at risk, vulnerable communities of color that still struggle with painful and lingering effects of Jim Crow segregation and the oppressive inequities caused by systemic bias and institutional racism.

Until you are prepared to see the criminals as victims, you "may not conclude anything about their race".

Okay, agreed. But you can't steal my last right from me that allows me to conclude something about my own race: WHITE HUMANITY IS DOOMED, and based on what we've done to ourselves by misusing our White Privilege for the benefit of our blood enemies and to the fatality of ourselves, aren't we justified in saying good riddance?